2012 Town and Country Used PCM Replacement using Autel IM608 Pro

 Hey Guys, I will be covering how to configure a used PCM module on a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country. In this article, I will show: -What tools and set up are required to do this procedure. -Important terms applying to Chryslers vehicles. -Identify the Chrysler immobilizer systems. -How to know which procedures that needs to be done after a module has been replaced -How to replace a pcm with Autel MaxiIM im608 Pro.


One of the great things about the Autel im608 Pro compared to other aftermarket scan tools, its ability to do extensive coding, putting on used modules and configuring it right from the tablet. Now the challenge that most of us are facing is after we install that module, what do we do what’s the function route in order to get rid of the error code and it leaves us a lot of us scratching our head, so what I wanted to share with you guys, today is a simple framework that you can be applied onto most Chrysler vehicle.


What I’m gonna be sharing with you is how to install a used PCM on a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country with the Autel im608 Pro.

1.What tools and steps are required to do this procedure.

  1. Important terms applying to Chrysler vehicles.
  2. Ientify the Chrysler immobilizer systems.

4.How to know which procedures that need to be done after a module has been replaced.

  1. How to replace a PCM with the Autel im608 Pro


This is what you’re gonna be needing:

Autel im608 Pro

Used PCM

Service information okay.



So let’s cover some of the important terms before we do this:

  1. PCM Replacement – When a PCM is replaced, make sure the doner module has the same part number as the original module.


  1. If a doner module comes with a black key it’s a security key, if it’s a gray key it’s a non security key.


  1. Secret key – is an ID code that is unique to each win module, the code is programmed and stored in the WIN and the PCM, and each ignition key transponder chip. When the PCM or WIN is replaced, it is necessary to program the Secret Key Code into the new module with your Autel diagnostic tool.


  1. Pin Code – A 4 digit PIN is required to enter the Security Access Mode of the WCM/WIN (aftermarket tools will produce a 5 digit).


  1. Get the procedure from OEM before servicing vehicle.


Now let me introduce you the Chrysler immobilizer systems.

SKIM /WCM: Sentry key immo module 1998-2006

Skreem /WCM: Sentry key Remote Entry module /Wireless control module 2004-2014.

WIN: Wireless Ignition Node 2008 – Present.

Keyless Go: Keyless Go 2008 -2016

Smart start: Push button Non win module 2011-present.



OEM Repair information : Module replacement guide

If you go to your service information, they’re going to have a module replacement guide and the way this works is the little gears that are white, that means that the existing part that you know already on the vehicle, the ones in green represents the part that’s being replaced the new parts, so let’s just say for example I lost all my keys right so you can see that would be condition one because the PCM still there w theme is still there and then we have the keys and all we do is just go down to the programming order and you’ll see we can use a scan tool to program the key fob, let’s say we had a bad PCM model, a bad wcm model, and also a bad phobic.

Then we’ll do condition three and just go down and you just on the scan tool run these procedures.



How to replaced a used PCM with Autel IM608 Pro?

So let’s go ahead to the vehicle, get this thing configured, so this is gonna be your setup, now we don’t need the XP400, but if you haven’t purchased one of these tools you’re not supposed to plug this into the obd port, this is how the connection is going to be. And then as a rule of thumb, it’s good to connect your J2534 direct with the USB cable.


Now in terms of the PCM location, it’s kind of in an awkward spot, but the way we’re going to take it off is you have to disconnect the negative battery cable going to lift the vehicle up and you can see on step three remove the push pin and reposition the PCM access cover.


Step 4. unlock and disconnect the electrical connectors from the power train control module.

step 5. remove the three bolts and the PM module.



So now we’re to our scanner IM608 Pro.

And this is how we’re going to get in there, we’re go ahead and identify the vehicle.


Go to Chrysler;


Let this load;

Go to “Automatic selections”, she’s going to automatically pick up the vehicle so turn on the ignition.






We’re gonna click “Fobik Key”.



And we’re going to follow the prompts to switch the ignition off and then on again, make sure the engine is off.

So this is reading the password. And what’s great is you don’t need to take a picture of this, this password is going to be stuck into the system.

so let me go forward and do any immobilize or procedures that require the password, it’s already be populated for you.



So the first thing I recommend doing is going to the “Immo status scan”. You know, the reason why I do this is because this is going to scan all the important modules related to the immobilize a system all these are vital for the immobilizer system and the reason why they’re doing this is if you have certain faults, let’s say on your PCM module that are not immobilized or related, you probably won’t be able to do the key coding procedure until you would say remove those faults, then you’ll be able to proceed with the key coding procedure alright so you scan the vehicle we have the module in the car now let’s go to replace components.




Alright, so it takes us to this menu and we’re gonna go to “Powertrain control module  (PCM) replaced”.

This function is only to activate and initialize the IMMO parts after replacement of the IMMO module, or to synchronize the VIN code and IMMO data.


If you want to change the VIN directly, please go to “IMMO Module Replacement” menu under “system selection”, execute the “Change VIN Code” function.

The engine module(ECM /PCM) must be programmed before you start the engine control module replaced function.



You’re going to get another prompt.

Alright, so it’s just basically telling us. We only are going to run this procedure, if we replaced the module, if you do this without replacement you’re going to probably end up need to purchase new keys and encode them so only do this procedure, if you replace the PC.



It’s gonna be retrieving theVIN pretty soon.

Okay reading VIN, so current VIN in the wireless control module is that right there and to update the current vin in the current PCM press “OK”, so let’s click OK.



Writing the VIN.

Now that was successful.



Now you can start the car at this point, but you might see, there’s a security light on the dash, so let’s go ahead and attempt to remove that.

Let’s re-scan the vehicle.

Click OK.

Once this is done, I’m gonna go up to WCM module.



Let’s go and check what’s in here.

so we have B2205 DTC and C1503 DTC.

So let’s go ahead and try to clear this okay.



If this happens if you’re not able to get rid of this, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna exit out of here. Because what we need to do is reset the PCM module alright.

So let’s go to the “Diagnostics” menu.


And then let’s go and check to see if that vin was successfully.


Go Chrysler USA.

Okay, that’s just a summary of the vehicle.



Now the fun part, so let’s go to “Diagnosis”, then “Control unit”, then “Body”.



And then on the lower left here, you can see wireless control, and click that.



And if we scroll down we see special functions.



And right here “Reset ECU”.



So once we do that, I click OK. And ECU has been reset.

And then when you check that security lights should be gone and then from there you can start the vehicle.



So what I want you to remember.

  1. Make sure the doner PCM OEM part number is exactly the same as the original PCM OEM partner, very important.
  2. The other thing is before you purchase your doner module make sure beforehand that if that doner module came with a black key, which indicates a security key, if it came with a gray key, which is a non security key.
  3. Refer to Chrysler’s module replacement guide to know the full procedures after a module has been replaced.
  4. Learning the Chrysler immobilizer systems to help identify the correct strategy when placing models and doing the key coding.
  5. And lastly after PCM module has been replaced and the security light is still on go to the control unit -> body ->wcm /TPMS -> special functions ->Reset ECU.




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