Code BMW M3 cluster, desolder eeprom, write VIN etc

I’ve done an BMW M3 DCT cluster swap into a 335i properly. Desoldered eeprom, written vin, code the cluster, re-calibrate the dials.

Disclaimer: You are at your risk. Many thanks to “vtl” in bimmer post forum.

Ncs Expert software doesn’t let you code the cluster unless the VIN matches. You will need to remove the eeprom and write the vin. If the cluster is from a higher mileage car, you will need to buy a new M35080 eeprom off ebay for $3. This is becausde the M35080 eeprom doesn;t allow odometer less than the current reading (its a tamper protection for people who want to turn back the odometer)

I know there’s a few programmers out there that can erase the first 32 bytes of a M35080 but I have just got a cheap TL866cs universal programmer. I figure its much cheaper to buy a $3 chip than a dedicated programmer (i.e R270, R280).

I have never had issues with the odometer since the clusters were always from lower mileage cars. Just know it can be a tripping point after reading the datasheet.

For me soldering is no big deal, I can desolder a chip in less than 10 seconds (hot air) and put it in a zif socket in my universal programmer.

This is the mini TL866cs USB universal programmer I used (should be a lot cheaper than the Digiprog 3 or R270 one):
Even if you have a different model EEPROM, selecting M35080V6 for the chip type in the programming software works. I could not find 080D0WQ in the chip type list in the software but the 080D0WQ is functionally identical.

This is the process I did for another bmw owner:

Quite a while ago I had fitted a used M3 cluster from a 6MT M3.

Unfortunately it caused a cruise control malfunction error and the oil level dipstick to not read, along with the tamperage dot. This all leads back to the vin stored in the cluster not marrying up with the vin from my car stored in the DME…

The only option was to send o/s and this was expensive (something like $500+) so I boxed it up and was hoping for someone locally to devise a solution.

But i finally figured it out by rewriting the vin number on the chipset and some ‘basic’ coding to enable the ///M clusters to be retrofitted into the 335i
This is the procedure:
- Disassemble the cluster
- Remove the dials
- Desolder the eeprom
- Program the eeprom with last 7 digits of Phil’s VIN
- Do the coding via NCS Expert
- Recalibrate the dials using INPA software
- Test the cluster with INPA and on test drive
Went through all the functions and everything seems to work without errors. All dials look accurate, cruise control works fine, no pesky tamper dot.

When you send me your cluster I will remove the dials and program your VIN number to the cluster. Unfortunately I cannot calibrate the dials without it fitted to your vehicle first.

The dials are calibrated by plugging in the cluster without the front plastic cover, then use the INPA software to set the dials to known positions, then plugging in the dials.


Here are pictures of the process:

Using a trim tool and business cards to avoid scratching the dial faces:

Dials removed

Dials removed

Top side with the gauges removed

Top side with the gauges removed

IC before removal

IC before removal


Hot air station removal with kapton tape heat shielding the LCD plastics

Removed eeprom

Removed eeprom and placed into TL866cs eeprom programmer zif socket adapter. Programmed VIN number

placed into zif socket adapter

Soldered chip back in with soldering station

Soldered chip back in

Currently I havent had time to fit the cluster but hopefully in the next week or so!

Its a little more than just desoldering but if you’re handy its not that hard.


Second way to do this:
M35080v6 I think does not always need EEPROM removal.

With 8 pin SOP clip and R270+ programmer it can be programmed on board.

Simply read EEPROM, ‘virginize’ dump then write it back. Then just code with ncs-expert.

Also, if your new cluster has LOWER odo reading than your car, you don’t need to change odo. Once vin is matched the car modules will always take the highest mileage.
Example of me programming m30850 on board with vin and odometer change:

Not a soldering iron in sight…

programming m30850 on board


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