MB key programmer: AK500+ or AK500 pro?

As for Mercedes-Benz key programming, which one should you take? Ak500 key programmer or Ak500 pro key machine?


AK500+ key programmer

AK500 Pro key programmer




Read & write EIS

Yes, no issues on HC705/HC908/HC912/9S12

Yes, no issues on HC705/HC908/HC912/9S12

MB original factory key calculator




Yes, it needs to remove ESL/ESM/ECU to synchronize data

No need to remove ESL/ESM/ECU

Support calculating key only need EIS data

Write old model big keys

No, it doesn’t support infrared write old model
big key (Motorola CPU)

Yes, it supports infrared write old model big key
(Motorola CPU)

Program infrared keys

Yes, it program infrared keys for Mercedes Benz from1998 to 2005

Yes, it program infrared keys for all Mercedes from 1998 to 2011

Program W203 W211 keys


Yes, it supports MB W203/W211 key programming with
ECU flash 29F400 and 29F800

Read & write “Key-less go” Key


Yes, it supports reading and writing “Key-less go” key

Reset SBC computer

Yes, but not via OBD to read and write SBC EEPROM

Yes, it can read and write SBC EEPROM via OBD.

Support EGS

No, it doesn’t support EGS which is 722.9 type
of gearbox computer

Yes, it supports EGS which is 722.9 type of gearbox computer

Need database

Yes, it needs 320G database to support ESL fast unlocks

No need database and supports ESL fast unlocks


In sum,


1) AK500 with SKC (SK110) has no 8PIN EEPROM adapter holder, because AK500+ with SKC only needs to read out EIS data and send the data to SKC calculator to calculate, then complete key matching;
The old version AK500 has 8PIN EEPROM adapter holder to help read and write ESM data, because AK500 needs to de-solder EIS, ESM and ESL ECU when it makes Mercedes Benz key.

2) AK500 with SKC (SK110) support more car models than old version AK500.

3) AK500 pro can’t make key if without SKC calculator; while old version AK500 pro can make key.

4) AK500 pro with SKC calculator doesn’t contain external EEPROM (M95xxx), so it does not need to deal with M95xxx, because AK500+ pro contains SKC calculator, after ak500+ read out EIS data and send it to SKC calculator to calculate, the key data is acquired; The old version AK500 key Pro contains 95XXX, AK500 need to remove chip 95XXX and weld it on the 95XXX adapter.