How to Program 2020 Toyota RAV4 AKL with Lonsdor via OBD?

 Program all proximity keys lost for new Toyota RAV4 2020 with Lonsdor K518ISE. The same procedure goes to new highlander, Avalon, Lexus ES, UX, LS etc.  To do this job you must have Lonsdor dedicated smart keys. No need NASTF code for 24-48 hours use and $60-$100 subscription.  No need new OEM key for $150.

What you need are:
Lonsdor k518ise/k518s or kh100+
Lonsdor dedicated Toyota key and yearly AKL license subscription for Toyota
The authorization also covers Toyota RAV4, Highlander,  Avalon, Lexus ES, UX, LS, GX series.


In vehicle make sure you have a strong wifi signal available either a hotspot to something nearby
Also make sure you have authorization installed.

First thing we going to do is disassemble the lonsdor h0440c key
Remove emergency key first
Remove pcb board to begin programming
If you got the pcb separately, ignore this step.
Use backside for best signal and reception


Set up wifi setting
Connect to strong wifi
Go to main menu, select Special Functions-Key settings-FT smart key-8A-Generate smart key






This function requires internet connection


K518 ask us to put smart key into the card slot


Select frequency 314.35
It is going to download the information from the car



Take all keys outside the vehicle, press START button, put H0440C key close to the button to begin vehicle data transfer to PCB. wait for about 10s until indicator pulses regular for 10 seconds straight, if the key indicator does not flash, press Start button once again

At this point, if the lonsdor failed to proceed choose another frequency and repeat the previous process


Return pcb to coil and continue
Lonsdor k518 is downloading that information from the card


Select don’t have working key


Generate successfully
Now the key can start car, but remote does not work, continue to the next step


Go back to Special functions-Key settings-FT smart key-8A-Modify remote count value
This function is only useful if you’ve already generated a key that doesn’t fully function for the vehicle


Put the smart key generated online into the card slot



Modify value
Add 400 to the value shown and then modify
The value should be 1406


It’s been modified.
Tes the key, still not function, it is normal.
We will do the modification again

Modifying made simple
The numbers in sequence range from 1-F
When adding increments of 400 keep in min 4+4=8, but 8+4=C

Here is the number sequence without the testing and retries involved.1006 >1406 > 1806 > 1C06 > 2006 >2406 >2806 >2C06 > 3006 > 3406 > 3806. to clarify, the last 2 numbers are just to be copied as presented. the Lonsdor k518 machine automatically adjusts them each time it’s read, and the end result is unpredictable. just think of the numbers as [0000]- 10 – (XX), where the x’s are just to be copied and just follow the rest of the sequence follows the above pattern adding “0400” each time. 



Modify value agin, this time, modify value 3845
Modify success


Remote is working.
Earthing is working.
Once vehicle responds to remote, you have found the correct modification value.
Be sure to test all button and proximity functions before finishing.