Xhorse M3 Clamp Ford Jaguar Tibbe Key FAQs


I just got the M3 clamp for my xhorse dolphin xp005 key cutting machine, for cutting tibbe/f021 keys. I notice there is no option in the app for calibrating the M3 clamp, does this mean it doesn’t need to be calibrated?
Does the machine cut 8 cuts keys? Or just 6 cuts? I believe the machine wouldn’t be able to cut 8.


M3 jaw does not need calibrated.  It self calibrates on startup of cutting process.
You are able to decode and cut it successfully without having to calibrate the clamp.
Ford tibbe is 6 cuts some Jaguar is 6 cuts some is 8 cuts.
Cut by bitting, Fo21 gives an option for 6 cuts.   s30 is shorter 6 cuts.
s32 is for the 8 cut jaguar keys.  8 cuts on a xhorse dolphin


How to Cut Ford FO21 Tibble key with Xhorse Condor or Dolphin M3 Jaw?


Mount M3 clamp, There is a screw, lock it down
Self calibrates
Run xhorse app
Select Cut by bitting-Ford FO21


It prompts to use M3 clamp
We get the cutting number 341242
Input cutting




Processing key cutting



it tells us to rotate it to the next position

We will go one click over continue
basically cutting these keys you are just cutting a quarter of them at a time

it tell us go to poosition 2 over here on the b side of it



rotate it to the next position again


now it basically turns it all the way upside down so we are going to cut the other half of the key
Follow app prompts to cut the other half of key
the cutting process to 100 percent


just rotate it back to where we can see our grub screw

Unscrew and remove the key
and notice here this leaves a lot of burrs I use the 1.5 millimeter cutter.