How to use VVDI PROG and Audi J518 Emulator?

 I bought a emulator for my Audi Q7 and the auto elec seems to think it won’t work with the chip set it has in original unit. My unit has 1L59W.

This is the unit I bought AUDI C6 Q7 A6 Steering Column Module J518 ELV Emulator



1st Question: Can the data from my Mask set be converted to write onto this unit? And what do I need to write it? I have no real electronics at this point but are willing to purchase.

My original j518 is working, it can read the data. I don’t have ability myself to read, What is best tool to read data? It’s with my autoelec. engineer solution:

You can buy the vvdi prog programmer to read and write. It should be noted that the j518 emulator can only write the eeprom data of the original car, not the flash data, otherwise the j518 emulator will not work normally.


2nd Question: Will it read/write my mask set? I have 1L59W Mask set. engineer answer: yes, it supports 1L59W.


3rd Question: Where can I buy this vvdi Prog programmer from and how much?


Answer: advise you buy from here:



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