Program 2017 Jetta All Keys Lost by Autel IM608

/IM608 released MQB Megamos AES key and blade key all keys lost programming via OBD.  All keys lost fee: $30 per vehicle. Here’s the demo guide on Jetta 2017 MQB OBD key programming using IM608. It’s hard to believe because we used to have to take cluster out but not with this programmer.



After connect im608 with vehicle, you turn on device




Select IMMO->Volkswagen->Advanced Mode->IMMO4+MQB Key->All keys lost



Autel IM608 will as the functions is available on pay-per-use basis. Im608 will take you to screen to pay by credit card. Once you do it once it saves info.  The first time you use it you put your credit card in and it saves it. I figured that out later cause it automatically takes it out when it asks you have to pay and you hit yes.

Turn on hazard warning flasher.
The car is with kessy, push down the Start/Stop button

Read IMMO data wait it processes to 100%

Read IMMO data success. Calculation completed

*If you cannot read IMMO data on this model or other MQB models,  make sure hazerd lights on and turn headlights on and off to wake up the car. If that don’t work try unplugging the battery and then plugging it back to reset security system.

Start making dealer key


Put a blank key in the Autel XP400 programmer keyhole and then press OK
Choose do you want to lock key.

The key cannot be unlocked after it is locked.
Unlocked keys may not able to learn the vehicle.


Make dealer key success

You can choose to generate next key or not. If yes, put a blank key in the programmer keyhole and follow IM608 prompts to complete key generation. If NO, jump to the last step.

Perform last step key adaption to vehicle



Confirm car has kessy and input number of keys that need to be learned
Place the key on the vehicle induction coil, wait for 2s and then press OK


Key learning completed

The key can start vehicle, the remote control is working as well.


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