Will Techstream Make Key for 2019 Toyota RAV4


I am having a hard time trying to get a second key programmed with techstream v14. It appears that you must now copy a seed code and paste it to the TIS site.

Has anyone found a work around to getting the 2019s programmed for a second or third key?

I even downgraded to ver 12 & 13 , ver 12 doesn’t even recognize the suv when im in the classic key registration menu and 13 has the same issue as above.




Yes, techstream will program key for 2019 RAV4.

Toyota changed the rule for add keys for some cars from 2019. Now you need passcode for adding second key. You need to buy Security Profession subscription and calculate passcode from Toyota official.


If you don’t want to pay for software license, go for Lonsdor K518ISE, it is a good solution via OBD.

For 2019 RAV4, it requires Toyota all keys lost online calculation license.

Supports All Keys Lost – Latest Toyota 0410 Smart Keys — Avalon – RAV4 – Wildlander – Highlander.


For example:

Program Lexus UX250h 2019 All Key Lost with Lonsdor K518ISE + H0440c

Toyota shares same operation but use different emulator keys.