Possible to Write VIN into 2015+ Dodge PCM with Witech?

Purpose: to perform a PCM replaced procedure to learn/synch the skim / write vins on a 2015+ Dodge.

I have a good quality micropod II clone registered for online use with Witech 17. Is this possible? If yes, how?
My micropod clone has firmware version 2.4 and is registered so works with witech 17.04 software and tech authority online.
if you can use your clone micropod 2 while witech software is online, yes you can perform “restore vehicle configuration” and program the car mileage into the pcm.
you need online account for this of course.. But sellers does not provide online account. 
Test reports for sharing:
Did not work… “0×42 unable to write vin, retry restore procedure”.
What to do next?
  1. Do you have any launch scanner tool? easydiag will do the pcm vin and miles change.
    as for the skeem learn for a used pcm is not needed as long the vin on the pcm matches the rest of the modules in the car, should work fine.
  1. Also it is possible to write VIN into Dodge PCM using Launch X431 Diagun IV (discontinued and replaced by X431 Diagun V).
Car model: 2002 Dodge Ram Van 1500
1). Click PCM module
2). Special function
3). Check PCM Vin
4).writing Vin
5).New Vin
6).Vehicle Vin is Valid,successful!
  1. Also Autel tools has the ability to write the VIN into Dodge.
the Autel MaxiSys tools (i.e Maxisys Elite) do have the ability to write VIN. Specific function availability will varies by year and model.
Here is an example of the VIN writing options for a 2006 Dodge Ram.
The “Check VIN” function works the same as other scan tools, if there is no VIN in the PCM it will then allow you to write the VIN number to the module.
Details for the Autel Maxisys coverage are available on this page:
1 – Select the Autel Tool from the list (i.e. MS906, Elite, Mx808, etc.)
2 – Select a Vehicle Manufacturer
3- Select a Vehicle Model
4- Select the Vehicle Year
5- Click Search
Coverage will be listed in an undetermined order, grouped by System. (ABS/Engine/Airbag)
You can use the Function box to narrow the search.

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