How to use Benz OBD2 FBS4 Odometer Correction Tool?

Question: i have DP4 original and i need correction odometer for a Mercedes W205 C class yr 2016. When try change km instrument give me CAN_time out ff error? The model is not supported??

What other tool can do this model and how?
Actually mercedes W205 2016 is not supported with DP4
If using a CAN filter with this car but still give error message.
Some people try to change dash to lower software. It is risky and complex.
Here’s a easy OBD solution and without CAN Filter.
You will need:
Compatible Benz models 2015-2017:
  • W222 2015-2017
  • W205 2015-2017
  • C217 2015-2017
  • C190 2015-2017
  • C253 2015-2017
  • X253 2015-2017
  • W447 2015-2017
  • W213 2015-2017 (under development)
  • -2015 Requires a CAN Filter
Software can be downloaded free here:
Software prompts operation steps as well.
Example: Mercedes Benz W205 2016 Odometer Correction via OBD No CAN Filter
Step 1: OBD reads configuration information
Perform 1 OBD Read Config Info
Configuration data must be saved after successful reading!
Step 2: The MCU edits the data
At this time, you need to remove the back cover of the dashboard, select the type, and select the wiring method according to the type.
You can open the wiring diagram directly, there are 5 wires in total (as the picture). The Dashboard is divided into 8 drives and 11 drives.
After connecting the wires according to the wiring diagram, perform the operation.
If the MCU data is edited successfully, the wiring can be removed.
Step 3: Write configuration information
The configuration information is the data read in the first step, and you can select the saved data at this time;
Then you can get the prompt that the vehicle configuration information is written successfully.
Step 4: You can adjust the mileage
Read the kilometers first, and then write the kilometers
For example, we wrote the mileage of 12345; Then the result is 12345km.
Look at the dashboard again, the kilometers are correct! The steps are complete!
CGDI MB upcoming upgrade will release FBS4 odometer correction as well.
(The function is not FREE. The license should be available in Feb. 2020 or later)
1. via OBD
2. Without can filter
3. Safe and stable
4. Without dismantling
Workable Mercedes Benz  models:
W205 2015-2017
W222 2015-2017
C190 2015-2017
C217 2015-2017
C253 2015-2017
X253 2015-2017
W447 2015-2017