Xentry V2018.03 Win7 HDD test okay on Benz W204

After days of frustration, I manage to make the 03/2018 xentry simulation to work on windows 7.
Is the full version of 99GB, but in the MB star C3 is not supported, only SD Connect C4.
I have a delicated laptop for diagnostic. 
I have a vm also, but i just wanted to see xentry running on w7.




now xentry is working full on my wife car w204, c280. 
Lost a lot of my time installing xentry 03 2018 (this can be run on any laptop no more dedicated laptop) … but is fully working also bought a new toy sd connect c4 
DAS is working on my slk + dev mod
Xentry working also on my w204.
Paid for an online session on MB servers and I check my car software on my slk I didn’t touch the engine ECU as I have a remap and the transmission is up to date, no new software. 
On w204 the transmission is up to date also but I update the ecu engine, the first time when I did this and it worked.  
So now I am able to update software on different ecu’s.






Manage to make HHT run on windows 7 64x, now I need to find an slk r170 to see it is really working.

New Xentry 07/2018  installed and fully working
Just did an extended session on my slk and all is ok with the new version, no changes in das but in xentry they did a lot, will test more on my w204. 


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