Which tool can read Volvo 2013 s60 cem R32C?

What’s the best programming tool for Volvo renesas M32C read?

Xhorse VVDI-Prog?
VIDA Dice?
Londor K518ise?
Look here:
VVDI Prog: Need luck?
Xhorse support: M32C renesas should work with vvdi-programmers.
R32C is there in VVDI M32C still
But received some complaints: tried to read Volvo cem from 2013 s60 USA. unsuccessful

Volvo VIDA: Confirmed!
How to use VIDA to read this M32C:
Read 93c86 (nearby M32C)
You can get PIN code for M32C renesas from vida log file
But I tried with an Chinese one I got no details
You have to use original vida with an official account to get correct logging
Good to know:
The DiCE uses a Renesas M32C/85 microprocessor which has internal flash memory. This flash memory is used for storage of the firmware image alosng with device specific configuration data. Flash block 1 is used to store, among other things, the serial number and the bluetooth id of the particular DiCE. If you’re getting all zero’s when the DiCE is connected to your computer then it’s likely the contents of flash block 1 have been erased.
This can happen under unusual conditions, I’ve caused it once by adding a bluetooth card to a clone DiCE. If you happen to cut power to the DiCE when it’s in the middle of rewriting block 1 then you can end up with an erased block. In my case it was likely recreating block 1 with the bluetooth id when I turned it off.
One of the other pieces of data stored in block 1 is a “flight recorder” of DiCE hardware failures. When the software detects there is something wrong with the hardware it logs it in block 1. Again, if you cut the power when the log is full and it needs to rewrite block 1 you can end up with an empty block 1.
I’d be inclined to blame the crap clone hardware rather than malicious DiCE firmware. The DiCE is recoverable if you have a programmer for the M32C/85 and know the programming key, if one has been set.
Londor K518ise: Confirmed
You can read M32C renesas with Londor k518ise and Kprog 2 adapter 
Steps can be:
Lonsdor K518ise – adapter – mcu – renesas – r32c/m16c/spi – read flash – read dataflash
the wiring:
note: cut off the power when wiring.
use needle 1 of the adapter to connect gnd
use needle 2 of the adapter to connect vcc
use needle 9 of the adapter to connect rxd
use needle 10 of the adapter to connect reset
use needle 11 of the adapter to connect txd
use needle 13 of the adapter to connect sclk
use needle 14 of the adapter to connect cnvss
use needle 15 of the adapter to connect busy
remove this chip when reading data. cut off the power supply and wire the chip back after reading data.
Smok: Confirmed!
Smork can read CEM Volvo M32C. attach images.






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