Tango Key Programmer Basic and Full Comparison

What’s the difference between original Scorpio TANGO basic and TANGO full transponder key programmer? Check the table comparison below:

ProductTango StandardTango Full Software
Tango hardwareYesYes
Tango basic softwareYes
Tango full software+ emulatorsYes
Additional Hardware
SLK-01 Emulator DST 40, P1 94 D4
(Functionality included in base software ) NEW
SLK-02 Emulator DST 80, P1 98
(requires activation SLK-02 maker) NEW
SLK-03 Emulator DST AES, P1 88 A8
(requires activation SLK-03 maker) NEW
SLK-04 Emulator DST AES, P1 A9
(requires activation SLK-04 maker) NEW
Additional Software
AD 100 Out-IN 8 digitsFreeFree
BMW CAS remotelesFreeFree
BMW CAS remoteFreeFree
BMW CAS UnlockFreeFree
BMW Bike (HITAG2)FreeFree
DAF MakerFreeFree
EZS(Megamos 8E)FreeFree
VW Key MakerFreeFree
Toyota & Lexus key makerYes
SLK-02 maker NEWYes
SLK-03 maker NEWYes
SLK-04 maker NEWYes
Reset of Toyota/Lexus/Subaru Smart Keys 40, 80, 128 bitYes
Toyota Image Generator Page1 36,56,96,37,57Yes
Toyota+: OBD Reset European cars based on G-immoboxesYes
Toyota Dump Editor-Synchro Engine ECU, Smart Key ECU, ID Code Box, Steering Lock ECUYes
Daihatsu Image Generator G keysYes
Afla Romeo key makerYes
Cadillac key makerYes
Chevrolet (GMC) key makerYes
Chrysler makerYes
Citroen makerYes
Comp.Security viewerYes
Dacia makerYes
Ducati makerYes

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