Reset MW E60 2006 LCM module via Ediabas

Here is the knowledge about LCM and instruction on how to reset LCM module by using BMW ICOM A2 EDIABAS softwareThe Light Control Module (LCM) is an important component of a vehicle because it controls all of the car’s lights, as well as the horn function.


What functions are controlled by the LCM?

LCM controls all of the lights on the vehicle, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights and hazard lights. Whether you are noticing issues with a specific light, or with sets of lights, such as high beams, low beams, or parking lights, My Auto Solutions can locate the issue within your LCM and provide a fix to get you safely back on the road.


How to Tell if your LCM is Broken?

There are many telltale signs of a malfunctioning LCM. If you notice any of the following problems, you may have a faulty Light Control Module in need of repair.

-Headlights do not turn on or are intermittent

-Certain or all taillights have stopped working

-Brake lights no longer function or are intermittent

-Turn signals do not blink or blink too quickly

-Emergency hazard lights do not blink or blink too quickly

-Dashboard does not illuminate


How to reset LCM module of BMW E60 2006? (customer share)

You need ICOM A2 software EDIABAS tool32 (it comes with INPA)
You need to find out which bulb has triggered the short circuit counter
Run the job “status_lampen_kurzschluss” and this will show which bulbs are triggered with a 1, all other bulbs will show 0

Once you know the bulb, look up the bulb number in the Tabellen-info window, look for the LAMPNRTEXTE- it’ll look like this

0x00 AUSGANG_FL_LINKS Fernlicht links
0x01 AUSGANG_FL_RECHTS Fernlicht rechts
0x02 AUSGANG_AL_LINKS Abblendlicht links
0x03 AUSGANG_AL_RECHTS Abblendlicht rechts
0x04 AUSGANG_BEGRL_LINKS Begrenzungslicht links
0x05 AUSGANG_BEGRL_RECHTS Begrenzungslicht rechts
0x06 AUSGANG_NSW_LINKS Nebelscheinwerfer links
0x07 AUSGANG_NSW_RECHTS Nebelscheinwerfer rechts
0x08 AUSGANG_FRA_LINKS_VORN_1 Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger links vorne 1
0x09 AUSGANG_FRA_RECHTS_VORN_1 Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger rechts vorne 1
0x0A AUSGANG_FRA_LINKS_HINTEN Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger links hinten
0x0B AUSGANG_FRA_RECHTS_HINTEN Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger rechts hinten
0x0C AUSGANG_FRA_LINKS_VORN_2 Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger links vorne 2
0x0D AUSGANG_FRA_RECHTS_VORN_2 Fahrtrichtungsanzeiger rechts vorne 2
0x10 AUSGANG_BREMSLICHT_MITTE Bremslicht mitte
0x11 AUSGANG_SL_BL_LINKS Schlusslicht/Bremslicht links
0x12 AUSGANG_SL_BL_RECHTS Schlusslicht/Bremslicht rechts

Run job “reset_kurzschluss_sperre” and in the Arguments box, type the lamp number you want to reset, for example 0x04 and run the job.


Finally, You can re-read the status again with status_lampen_kurzschluss and see if it has changed from 1 to 0