Repair Porsche Cayenne BCM without PIWIS Software

Here is the Porsche Cayenne BCM maintenance case. Hope it will help whose who encounter such a job.
A Porsche Cayenne arrived at my store and he said his car, the night light taillights, the right lamp did not work, to seek help and fix the malfunction.

I would like to tell you, the car all LED turn Light, are controlled by the BCM control unit, so, in this case, you must first come up with BCM check

Let us look at the shape of the car:
This is the car
This is the BCM control unit, which is also the anti-theft control unit, if you want to increase the key, you need to disassemble the BCM, read the anti-theft data:  BCM appearance, it is also anti-theft control unit
This is the internal distribution of BCM: This is the BCM internal diagram
This is the solution to this problem, I have identified the various functions of the IC out:
After more than 10 minutes of investigation, we identified the SC33481BLPNAF chip has been damaged, which led to the right lamp does not work.

After replacing IC, the function is normal. At this step, we need to pay attention to, the chip must use the new, original, SC33481BLPNAF his appearance is QFP, in the welding process, need some skill, if the welding failure, all The efforts are futile.

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