ECU ACDELCO E83 MPC5565 Pinout to Xprog Ktag

I need to clone ECU ACDELCO E83 ecu or virginse so I need read flash and eeprom. My Ktag doesn’t have E83 enable. It’s normal Mpc 55. Over obd only partial read.

I have Xprog-m as well. But I need description pins to connect xprog to read and flash ECU ACDELCO E83(mpc5565). Or any different tool recommendation?


 Solution 1:
XPROG does not have MCU e83.

Here is boot pin to Fgtech galletto MPC55XX

is real MPC5565.



Solution 2:

Try this,

AVEO SGMPPC6121F (MPC5565) Pinout