AK90 Programmed BMW E46 keys do not work solution


Hi,I need to program news on my BMW E46. I bought the AK90+ AK90 key programmer and 2 blank keys.

First thing I did was test my working key, it came up as key 6, keys 1 to 5 were locked, 7 8
and 9 were unused and 10 I have here but that doesn’t work either, I believe the battery is
dead in that one.

So first off I unlocked key 1 and programmed one of my blanks as key one, read it back after
programming and it said it is key 1, the VIN number is correct, however the mileage (which is
102k miles and shows up as 165k km approx. on the working key showed 545k km) I tried the key,
it doesnt work, I did the pairing where I toggled ignition on/off with my good key, take key
out and hold down unlock 3 times, the locks open and close, when I try it with the programmed
key nothing happens.

Next I programmed it to key 10, same result, says its key 10 and the vin is correct, ,mileage
is way out and it wouldn’t work pair

I thought maybe the key was bad so got the other new key out (read it and it was blank) ,
programmed it as key 6, same result as above, tried it on several key numbers, 1, 2 6, 10,
always the same and still only my original key one will work.

Help appreciated please.


Customer solution:

After you unlocked key 1, you need to save eeprom then you have to write back to your EWS
unit. After writing saved eefrom to EWS, you try to read eeprom from EWS and make sure key 1
was unlocked. Now you can program key 1, and it should work for you.