BMW 335i Key Not start working solution


Hi, i bought a BMW 335i second hand it comes with one key which is not remote control. I ordered the original key in the dealer but the key does not start and open the car and they told me that the cas module etc is not from that car.
What can i do? i just want to open the car with the remote control.



It seems CAS unit was replaced in your car. The money you paid to dealer is now wasted.

You need to by a blank virgin key, then you will need to find someone who has a key programming / cable called Xhorse BMW Multi Tool or other similar key programming tool (i.e VVDI2) that can add your virgin key to CAS EEPROM. It’s the only way I think.

By the way, that key in your photo is a valet key. You will also need to disable the old / lost keys.