DIY code BMW F48 from stereo to Hifi by E-sys

Here is my effort on coding F48 from stereo to Hifi. Hope it helps if someone interested.


I know that in US you have hifi standard. What I am planning to do is code my F48 from stereo to hifi.

I have already and BMW ENET cable and E-sys software etc installed and running.

First I will add “676″ to FA and write.

My question is : do I need to code any ECUs after that? Or is it done automatically when adding option 676 to FA? I saw people coding “FRM” and “CAS”?

I have changed the hardware.

It should be compatible with low level signal.


Finally, I adapted a step by step. Maybe it will help others if it is correct..
add 676 to VO
- Use F048 to connect with E-Sys Launcher
- “Connect” icon
- Selecting F056 (do not select “_DIRECT” option) as target when starting connection to car. (Connection via VIN)
- Expert Mode > Coding (left pane)
- “Read” button (top window)
- Right-click FA > Activate FA
- Save (name it as you want)
- Edit
- Expand to see “SALAPA Element”
- Add “676″ in bottom window (alphabetical order)
- Right-click FA > Calculate FP (check no errors)
- save with top right corner icon
- back to previous screen with green arrow (top left)
- Re-save
- Expert Mode > VCM
- In File tab (bottom window), select saved XML just before
- In VCM Master tab, “Write FA FP” Button

code modules
- (Connect)
- (Read FA)
- (Activate FA)
- Read (ECU) Button
- Right-Click on ECU “hu_entrynav”
- Select CODE

Coding is ok, but you didn’t need to wait 10-15 minutes – after reboot of head unit, the parameters are coded.

I confirm ECU is “HU_ENTRYNAV”

“Read SVT” button is not working, I had to do “Read (ECU)”.

Coding worked without any error. I checked that option 676 is in FA and that “hifi” value replaced “stereo” everywhere in HU_ENTRYNAV FDL.


Disclaimer: You are at your risk.


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