Smart 451 SAM MCU 3L80R pinout to Xprog

I want to clone a SAM out of a 2007 Smart  451 SAM. Anybody know if I just have to copy the eeprom or do I have to do flash as well? MCU is a 9S12B128 3L80R


If anybody is looking for it, this is the Xprog-M connection diagram I used to read it with.

Smart 451 3L80R

Anybody got the connection diagram for the 0L01Y version of this board?

SMART 451 0L01Y
I see similar ones but not exactly the same, white co-ax in particular.


Here you go my friend for you and others who need it. 451 SAM MCU 3L80R pin out to Xprog box ecu programmer.

SMART 451 0L01Y pinout


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