VAS 5054A VAS-PC 19 “UspEpc.dll was not found”

Customer complaints of  VAS 5054a odis VAG diagnostic scan tool “vas-pc ADM.exe -unable to locate component” and solution is provided.



Every time I open vas-pc, i met the same problem vas-pc ADM.exe -unable to locate component. this application has failed to start because upcEpc.dll was not found. i use hot fix by patrian 19.01.01.


Error message:

VAS-PC: ADM.exe -Errrur systeme

Impossible de demarrer le programme car il manque UspEpc.dll sur votre ordinateur. Essayez de reinstaller le programme pour carrige ce probleme.


VAS-PC: ADM.exe – Unable to locate component

The application has failed to start because UspEpc.dll was not found. Re-install the application may fix this problem.


Optional solution shared by VAS 5054 users:

reinstall VAS-PC



PC blocks updates for windows; just install 126 updates to fix the problem


–Copy UspEpc Api onto c:\Program Files:!dwEEVZzb!yeJI-bdQ3zxJkCyrQ74ZAZQw2H9HIOunrJXkPWY3XaU
Give it a try and good luck


–find the virus in the PC and try to fix it



Solutions above may be risky to try. You are at your own risk.

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