AutoHex II BMW diagnostic and programming review

Review 1:

I have given this AutoHex II diagnostic and programming tool a bit of a bashing in the past but it is slowly starting to win me over with a few wins in the last week.
The latest updates seem to work as advertised.

I have recently coded a few second hand ECU’s with it and for the first time with any OBD tool, successfully downgraded (and made a spare key to) an ISTAP-45 CAS on a 2012 BMW X5.
Support is a lot better now there is a direct email for them, it no longer gets routed through the sales department.
The updating of modules works well, things look good.

I did have a car in a basement with no internet access so it wouldn’t work, can’t blame the tool for that one though.

Keep up the good work, i’m starting to be impressed with the tool.





Review 2:

At the moment you can’t just read the ISN from a DME on the bench without having a CAS connected as well, which is a pain.Considering switching over from bmw explorer to this.
This is apparently being addressed in future updates.

CAS mechanical key code is incorrect as well, I have put in a report about this, hopefully it will be fixed up.


Review 3:

My personal opinion – AutoHex tool came to late on the market and its priced wrongly (too high). Most of us here already have avdi comander/bmw explorer/isn reader/ENET E-sys etc.
With all those tools you can get around with any problem – Now new tool came out after we have spent mega $$$$$ and what that tool does is the same job with few less clicks…
For that amount of money to spend on that tool (AutoHex) and by already having 3-4-5++ tools for BMW – i would rather allocate that money to Enigma/DP4/beers/hookers etc…



Q:Has autohex implemented any mileage reset function for different ECUs?

A: No mileage options on this tool at all as far as I can see.