Swap and code BMW N54 Injector with INPA

N54 Injector Swap & Coding Diy!


Here is a little DIY tutorial on how to swap and code BMW N54 injector at lowest cost.
INJECTOR PART# 13537585261


You are on your own risk

I started getting some hesitation/stumble on low rpm’s and the car would feel like i’m misfiring badly, but never threw a code no matter how i drove. i tried going won’t i tried doing everything to see if i would throw a code but nothing would happen. I had a BMW tech drive my car, and he even agreed that the car feels/is misfiring. I had my plugs changed few months ago and still the same thing.

So i decided to open up the Engine cover to see which style Injectors i have and as it appeared i had 3 New style injectors Part #13537585261 < Were done under a Recall i had late 2011 together with the hpfp. And i had 3 Old injectors since my car was bought i guess…Clynder 456 had the new ones and 123 the old style ones. Contacted TischerBMW and ordered 3 New Injectors Part #13537585261-09 together with 3 Decoupling Elements Part #13537564751..Always order new Decoupling Elements when you buy a new injector as they come seperate!

So i successfully changed and coded the injectors, drove the car last night, drove the car today all day no codes no leaks and most importantly my car feels better, car doesn’t feel anymore as its misfiring on my 2nd day of changing the old injectors.
Ok, on to changing and coding the Injectors now.
First i took out the Neg from the battery, not sure if this needs to be done, but i did it since i also needed to route the USB cable for JB4 through the glove box.

Ok now, make sure you have all the tools and BMW INPA software fully required/working.

The entire process took me anywhere from 30-1hr, i was just being anal and double checking everything since it was my first time, but now i think i could do it in much less time.

First thing i grabbed a notebook and i wrote down the new Injector numbers and also the old ones as well in case i needed them later.


Ok, now take off the cowl completely and take the engine cover off…


Ok now that the cover is off and we can see our injectors, time to get duty! lol first i decided to take out the Electric connector then slowly loosen up and remove the metal clip that holds injectors together in my case was 1&2, then slowly removed the fuel line, my car was a bit hot since this was like after i only let my car sit for an hour before i decided to do this, so when i loosened up the fuel rail a bit of fuel sprayed but i quickly put a soft cloth on top of it so it doesn’t spray on top of my engine, at first i was scared, but only a bit of fuel sprayed and it just evaporated after anyway…just make sure you have something to quickly cover the fuel line from spraying all over.




Ok, now we’re ready to Remove the Injector as i stated in the pic below, mildly moved the injector left and right and forcefully just pulled up and it came out pretty quick without using any tools.


Now that the Injector is OUT, time to get our New Injector and put that Baby IN it’s home and let it do her thing lol’.
Simply slide up the Decoupling Element as you seen how it was on the Old Injector when you took out, And take off the CAP from the new Injector so we can install it.


Now put the New Injector In and Push mildly until its sitting flush, see pic below! You can mildly also hit it with the bottom of a screw driver until it’s sitting good.
Now that we installed that time to put everything back in reverse and tighten up good, before you put the cover on..Double check you’re work! and put the cover on and you’re done Installing them.








There is a youtube video on how to code N54 injector by INPA. Just google it. Make sure you have all the files correctly installed to run INPA. And also check the YouTube video for a visual understanding on how to code them in correctly.


I will post the steps in here

1. Connect INPA K+DCAN USB cable to PC and OBD
2. Push START/STOP button in the Car to turn on the Ignition.
3. Fire up INPA software
4. Make sure both Circles on IGNITION & BATTERY are SOLID Black!
5. In my case also i have an E90 so i select F9
6. Dialog box pops up, Select ENGINE then Select MSD80 (In my case thats what i have again lol)
7. MSD80 Menu comes on and Select F9 again it would/should say “Systemdiagnossen” in german.
8. Another MSD80 menu comes on and Select; EOL-Injektor…SHIFT+F4!
9. Injector Menu comes on and now you’re able to see all you’re injectors Values, to see if they are coded correctly or just code the new ones!
10. In my case i changed Injector 1. so i would select F1 for injector one, a dialog box pops up, and now we enter the code in…First we add the first 3 numbers from the injector on the top dialogbox so lets say the number is 582 we would enter 58.2 and then we enter the bottom 3 numbers, let say we have 221, we would enter 2.21 and press Enter. It is okay if the Value changes by -0.1 or +0.1 incase of 2.21 it could change to like 2.20/2.22 It happened to me and a few members that done this numerous time told me that it happens and that is fine and the injectors Are coded in right as long as you punched them in correctly on the dialog box.

And thats it, we’re done! Fire up the car and it should be all good!