MB SD C4 DAS perform Smart 450 variant coding

I wanted to change some things in variant coding for my smart 450 with Mercedes MB SD Connect C4 star diagnostic system. But the DAS reported the 8.561.6067 error. Tried some methods and then solved in the end. Just post for sharing.
Ps. Tool i used: MB SD C4 DAS 07/2012 with dell d630 laptop
Note: Unlock the ECU first!
1. Go to the developer menu in SAM (last item)
2. Enter “Actuations
3. Choose “Complete index
4. Scroll all the way down and choose SG_Entriegelung (=control unit unlock)
Perform unlock (F3)
After this the variant coding can be saved without the error, I can save every setting i want.
Maybe it is a similar thing for other MB models…

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