Toyota Smart Code reset and smart key programming

I am a Toyota Land cruiser 2008 owner. My SKP900 car OBD2 key programmer failed to communicate with the model. I was suggested by technician to program the smart key with Techstream and pass code calculator instead. Here is the document I got. Hope it will help.

PASS-CODE Calculator used for programming keys for Toyota, Lexus and Scion models. Also used for Smart Code Resetting. You can use original Toyota Techstream software and compatible OEM interface (MINI VCI 16 PIN and 22-PIN cable).

Supported software versions of Techstream:

 9.00.026

 9.00.025

 8.30.023

 8.20.019

 8.11.006

 8.10.021

 8.00.034

 (Please click every single picture if cannot see clearly!)

Smart Code Reset:

1. Connect MINI VCI Techstream cable to the vehicle:


2. Select Division, Model, Year, Engine and specify Options:


3. Select ECU Smart Key for Smart resetting:


4. Click for Utility:


5. Then choose Smart Code Reset in Utility Selection Menu:


6. Make sure driver door is open. Other doors must be closed. Don’t touch steering wheel and pedal.

ATTENTION! Smart Code Reset utility will erase all smart codes in vehicle!


7. Click Pass-Code button and copy Seed Number to clipboard. Not need to use Toyota Online



8. Open PASS-CODE Calculator. Paste VIN vehicle, Seed Number and press Calculate. You will get Pass-Code Number. Paste Pass-Code, click “Next” and confirm:


9. Smart Code Reset will start. Wait for 16 Minutes for Smart Resetting. Then use one of the Toyota factory procedure for programming keys.



Smart-Key Programming procedure:

(Example, when ID Code Box and Smart ECU had replaced. Smart Code Reset must be performed!)


1. Select Smart Code Registration in Utility Selection Menu and press Next:



2. Choose third point and press Next:


3. Program keys. To register key touch the Power/Engine Switch with the key – you will hear a signal, and then move the key to the center of car cabin – you will hear a signal once again. To register second, third key, etc. – just repeat “touch and move” operations. You have 30 seconds to do this.


4. Smart Code Registration is complete.


IMPORTANT! You can use this Smart Code Registration procedure even ID Code Box and Smart ECU had not been replaced. Both for new and used smart-keys.

EXTRA: PASS-CODE Calculator works only with USB key.