Launch X431 PAD VII What Makes it Powerful?

 What innovations make Launch X431 PAD VII the most powerful X431 ever?

  • Optional ADAS calibration
  • 8 extended modules functions, Xprog3, TSGUN etc
    Online Programming: BMW, Benz, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti and many coverages from Smartlink
  • With 32 services functions, Adds AC system relearn, ACC calibration, Engine power bbalance monitoring, GPF regen, rotation angle sensor calibration, high-voltage battery health detection  comparing PAD V


Check detail Hardware and Software Improvements:

A large screen ( 13.3 inches) advanced diagnostic functions and Smartlink remote diagnosis, this is Launch X431 PAD VII intelligent diagnostic tool.



It makes your intelligent diagnosis faster with the optimized chipset.



Upgrade operating system and large memory.



Dynamic HD cameras that allow for birdeyes view (13MP Rear + 8MB front Camera)


An improved dual WiFi connectivity that allows the VCI to maintain faster and stable connection during diagnostics.



The precision-machined outer shell is designed to work against workshop hazards such as water and dust damage and in compliance with IP65



X431 PAD VII is more intelligent than ever with the powerful smartlink VCI



You are available to perform remote diagnosis without being on-site and the limitation of diagnostic functions , tools and vehicle types.



It is able to assist technician to identify the OBD2 port pin automatically.



And display the real-time voltage for voltage condition monitoring during live diagnostics.



New topology mapping gives a visual checking on full diagnostic results and malfunctions intuitively.



Quick access ADAS calibration feature through the ADAS module in conjunction with a Launch ADAS calibration product.




Expand and upgrade your X431 PAD 7 with more diagnosis software with a new module “MALL”. It provides members of built-in repair guides and training videos to assist technicians to track and fix the diagnostic faults efficiently.



Solve high-level faults with advanced modules such as videoscope, Oscilloscope,  TPMS, Key immobilizer and Sensorbox by adding on with X431 PAD VII.


All these innovations and more make X431 PAD VII the most powerful X431 ever.


Launch X431 PAD VII VS X431 PAD V V2.0 VS X431 Pad III

Launch X431 PAD VII diagnostic scanner is the best when compared with X431 PAD III V2.0 and X431 Pad V in the aspect of configuration (incl. screen display, memory, storage etc), Android operation system, service reset functions etc.


Launch X431 Pad III vs. X431 Pad V vs. X431 PAD VII


Launch X431 PAD VII is better than Autel MaxiSys in the aspect of online programming:

  1. Launch X431 PAD VII online programming:

BMW, Benz, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti and many coverages from Smartlink.

PS: Online Programming function has not been authorized in the USA, Canada, and Spain.


  1. Autel MaxiSys online programming:

The ONLY free programming that you get is BMW and MERCEDES-BENZ, from Autel’s cloud server.

All other brands you’ll have to pay the Manufacturer’s website for programming files, just like everyone else. Each brand has its own subscription licensing.


Alright, to own the most powerful X431 PAD VII here:

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