Launch X431 PAD 3 vs. PAD 5 vs. PAD 7

 List the differences among Launch X431 PAD series scanners: X431 Pad III, X431 Pad V and X431 PAD VII.

X431 Pad IIIX431 Pad VX431 PAD VII
Imagex431 pad iii

x431 pad vx431 pad vii
Display10.1″/IPS 1920*120010.1″/IPS 1920*120013.3″/1920*1080 IPS
CPU2.0GHz Octa-core2.0GHz Octa-core2.0GHz Octa-core
Camera8MP Rear+2MB front13MP Rear+8MB front13MP Rear+8MB front
VCI ConnectorOBScar IVSmartbox 3.0Smartlink C
VCI ConnectionBluetooth2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi
Adjustable Supporting holderYesYesYes
IP65 waterproof & dustproofYesYes
Quick charge technologyYesYes
Charging stationYes
Push Pushi design
Size (mm)317*202*53320*211*46353*236*71
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1.1Android 7.1Android 9.0
Full system diagnosisYesYesYes
OBDII full functionYesYesYes
Tech-to-tech remote diagnosisYesYesYes
Smartlink remote diagnosisYes
Auto Vin IdentificationYesYesYes
Bi-directional ControlYesYesYes
Advanced codingYesYesYes
VW & Audi Guided FunctionYesYesYes
Advanced programmingYesYesYes
Complete TPMS servicewith X431 TSGUNwith X431 TSGUNwith X431 TSGUN
Advanced key programmingwith Xprog 3with Xprog 3with Xprog 3
Adas calibrationoptionaloptionaloptional
Software upgradeWifiWifiWifi
Vehicle coveragePassenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional)Passenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional)Passenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional)
Service functions212632 by local diagnosis get more by Smartlink Remote Diagnosis
Service Function
Brake resetYesYesYes
oil resetYesYesYes
SAS ResetYesYesYes
battery matchYesYesYes
ABS bleedingYesYesYes
Elec. Throttle RLRNYesYesYes
TPMS resetYesYesYes
DPF regenerationYesYesYes
Gear learningYesYesYes
injector codingYesYesYes
Sunroof initializationYesYesYes
SUS resetYesYesYes
AFS resetYesYesYes
Gear learningYesYesYes
Adblue resetYesYesYes
Coolant bleedingYesYesYes
EGR adaptionYesYesYes
Nox sensor resetYesYesYes
Seats Call brationYesYesYes
Tyre resetYesYesYes
Windows calibrationYesYes
A/F ResetYesYes
Stop/Start resetYesYes
Transport modeYesYes
Language changeYesYes
AC System relearnYes
ACC calibrationYes
Engine power balance monitoringYes
GPF RegenerationYes
Rotation Angle Sensor calibrationYes
High-voltage battery health detectionYes
More reset services.Via Smartlink Remote Diagnosis
Compatible modules
X431 ADAS ProYesYesYes
X431 ADAS mobileYesYesYes
Xprog 3 immobilizerYesYesYes
Xprog immobilizerYesYesYes
BST360 Battery TesterYesYesYes
Wifi PrinterYesYesYes
X431 TSGUN TPMS deviceYesYesYes
VSP600 VideoscopeYesYesYes
X431 O2-1 OscilloscopeYesYesYes
X431 S2-2 SensorboxYesYesYes
HD III moduleYesYesYes


Remote diagnosis: diagnose vehicles without being on-site with Launch scan tools.


Smartlink Remote diagnosis: Diagnose vehicles without being on-site with Launch scan tools. OEM tools or other diagnostic tools of different brands.