Best Device to Read Bosch EDC16 MEDC17 on Bench

If you are looking for a bench tool mainly for Bosch EDC16/MEDC17 in service mode for the mainly jobs including ECU cloning, mileage correction and some DPF/EGR/DTC off..  Then you have come to the right place.


FYI, Bench mode is a new faster method that allows you to read and write ECUs without opening the cover. Cloning, repairing and tuning are only a few of the services available using the bench mode programming method. Fast, safe and FLEXible!


Ktag with infineon tricore and service mode activated for edc16, edc17 and others


How to clone Bosch EDC16 ECU with Ktag?

  1. Find same part number or compatible.



  1. Connect the hardware including Ktag to LED BDM Frame and to a computer.



  1. Open Ksuite software, select “Bosch EDC16 VAG (p2)”.

Click on “Read” to backup the original ECU, please wait about 2 minutes before reading successfully completed.



  1. Save the files separately on a folder.



  1. It will prompt “Do you want to save the files separately”, click on “Yes”.



  1. Backup replacement ECU.

Reading flash…

Reading EEPROM…

Save the files separately to another folder.



  1. Click on “Write” with restore selected.


And now select the “original ECU” folder and then “ori” file, click on “open”.

Writing until 100% ok.



Job is done!

The car will start with the new ECU.



FYI, this is the good source of Ktag: