How to Reset Honda Steering Angle Sensor by OBD?

 After replacing the steering angle sensor on Honda vehicles they could not get the ABS and VSA lights to turn off. ABS lights and VSA lights illuminated.  The calibration procedure should be carried out this time. here introduces top tools to reset the SAS by Launch X431, Autel and Honda HDS diagnostic scanners.


Launch X431 and Honda SAS Reset

Tools applied: X431 Pros MiniX431 VX431 V+X431 PAD series.

X431 supports steering angle sensor reset for Honda CIVIC , CITY , JAZZ ,FIT, ACCORD, CR-V, HR-V,Odyssey, Pilot etc till year 2020. 

Example: Honda City 2013.  All Honda perform similar procedure.



Select Honda brand->16 PIN DLC->
Auto read VIN and vehicle information



Select System selection->ABS->Read data stream->Manual Select





Check the steering angle sensor reading


Select Special Function->All sensors


After replacing the VSA control unit or sensor cluster must do the neutral position memorization procedure for all sensors.
incl. steering angle sensor, brake pressure sensor, lateral G sensor
Press OK to do the calibration


Stop engine, level the vehicle, straight the steering wheel, do not press the brake pedal


Start the neutral position memorization procedure


The operation has been successful.
Turn the ignition switch off
Turn the ignition switch on


Check the steering angle sensor reading again
Honda Steering Angle Sensor Calibration procedure by Launch X431 is completed.


Check Launch X-431 Honda steering angle sensor reset car list below:

HR-V 2014-2020
JADE 2014-2020
2CG 2013-2020
CRIDER 2013-2020
BALLADE 2012-2020
BRIO 2012-2020 CIIMO 2012-2020
N-BOX 2012-2020
ACTY VAN 2011-2020
FIT HYBRID 2011-2020
FIT SHUTTLE 2011-2020
GB-1 EVERUS S1 2011-2020
JAZZ HYBRID 2011-2020
CR-Z 2010-2020
SPIRIOR 2010-2020
ZDX 2010-2020
FIT ARIA 2009-2020
AIRWAVE 2007-2020
ASCOT 2007-2020
AVANCIER 2007-2020
CAPA 2007-2020
CITY 2007-2020
CIVIC 2007-2020
CR-V 2007-2020
CR-X/DELSOL 2007-2020
CROSSROAD 2007-2020
DOMANI 2007-2020
EDIX 2007-2020
ELEMENT 2007-2020
ELYSION 2007-2020
FIT 2007-2020
FR-V 2007-2020
INSIGHT 2007-2020
INSPIRE 2007-2020
INTEGRA 2007-2020
JAZZ 2007-2020
LAGREAT 2007-2020
LEGEND 2007-2020
LIFE 2007-2020
LOGO 2007-2020
MOBILIO 2007-2020
MR-V 2007-2020
NSX 2007-2020
ORTHIA 2007-2020
PARTNER 2007-2020
PILOT 2007-2020
PRELUDE 2007-2020
RAFAGA 2007-2020
RIDGELINE 2007-2020
S-MX 2007-2020
S2000 2007-2020
SHUTTLE 2007-2020
SPIKE 2007-2020
STEP WGN 2007-2020
STREAM 2007-2020
THAT’S 2007-2020
59TODAY 2007-2020
VAMOS 2007-2020
Z 2007-2020
ZEST 2007-2020
ACCORD 2004-2020
ODYSSEY 2003-2020




Autel and Honda SAS Reset

Applied to Autel MaxisysMaxiCOM, MaxiDAS, MaxiIM IM608 etc series scanners.



How to reset the steering angle sensor to its zero point neutral point on a 2017 Honda Accord using an autel scanner. This should be done after a wheel alignment, clock spring replace or abs module replace.


Select Hot Function->Steering->ABS VSA




ABS VSA control unit will quit communication above 50 km/h


Select All sensors



After replacing the VSA control unit or sensor cluster do the neutral position memorization procedure for all sensors.
incl. steering angle sensor, brake pressure sensor, lateral G sensor
Press OK to continue


Stop engine, level the vehicle, straight the steering wheel, do not press the brake pedal


Press OK to start the neutral position memorization procedure
Gear in P position or gear in N position and apply the parking brake.
Turn on ignition switch and start the engine.



Turn the steering wheel lock to lock

Press OK


Keep the steering wheel in the straight ahead position and drive the vehicle straight line for more than 3 meters.
Stop the vehicle on a level surface.
After this process, press OK.


The operation has been successful.
Turn the ignition switch off
Turn the ignition switch on

Steering angle sensor calibration is done.

Autel does not have detail Honda SRS reset model list, you can check model and function on official website:




Honda HDS and SAS Reset 

Both HDS original and HDS HIM clone double-board can do this job.

When removing and installing a cable reel, you need to keep both the cable reel and the steering angle sensor in
position. If you don’t , the VSA indicator may come on along with one or more VSA DTCs. And when you run the
Neutral Memorization Procedure in the i-HDS, it won’t complete.


By the way, this procedure is covered as VSA Sensor Neutral Position Memorization in the service information.
To keep those parts properly positioned, here’s a tip: First, make sure the front wheels are pointed straight ahead with
the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position. Then, before removing the cable reel, tape both the cable reel and
steering angle sensor together. This not only keeps the parts properly positioned, but keeps the sensor from accidently


When you turn the steering wheel to
the right (or the sensor clockwise), the reading increases or moves in a positive direction. When you turn it to the left
(or the sensor counterclockwise), the reading decreases or moves in a negative direction

To manually position the steering angle sensor, you first need to determine its current position with the i-HDS. How you
do that depends on how far along you are with your repair.
For instance, if you’ve completely assembled the steering column, you’ll need to go to the ABS/TCS/VSA Data List and
check the STEERING ANGLE (CAN) value. If you haven’t yet installed the steering angle sensor, you’ll need to at least
hook up the sensor, the cable reel, and either the airbag assembly or the applicable simulator tool, then read the sensor
value in the data list.


In this example, the STEERING ANGLE (CAN) value is reading a positive 180°, which tells you the steering angle
sensor is 180° out of position clockwise. To fix this, you’ll need to remove the sensor from the cable reel and turn the
two tabs 180° counterclockwise to bring the sensor back to center or 0°.


When you’re done, you’ll then need to install all of the removed components and repeat the Neutral Memorization
Procedure. If you’ve done the sensor adjustment right , the procedure should complete and you can then move on with
your repair.



HDS Honda SRS Reset Model List:

Year Model Trim
2013-17 Accord ALL
2014-17 Accord Hybrid ALL
2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid ALL
2012-15 Civic ALL
2012-15 Civic Hybrid ALL
2017-19 Clarity Fuel Cell ALL
2012-16 CR-V ALL
2013-15 Crosstour ALL
2015-19 Fit ALL
2016-19 HR-V ALL
2014-19 Odyssey ALL
2016-19 Pilot ALL
2019 Passport ALL
2017-19 Ridgeline ALL