How to Crack JLR encrypted KVM by Yanhua ACDP?

Someone wonder if Yanhua mini acdp do JLR locked kvm’s, some says 100% yes, someone says yes but need skills, someone says tried with no lucky. This article tell the truth and share the guide.

Feedback 1: 100% yes
Yanhua mini acdp does JLR locked kvm’s. I did one today.
Feedback 2: yes but need skills
It’s done everything I’ve asked of it so far.
JLR locked kvm
FEM and bdc spare keys
Cas3+ 9389115 all keys lost
Make sure you’re using the correct frequency keys though. I had one wrongly labeled as 433 when it was 315 and that caused problems.
Only discovered when I went to do it with CGDI and it spotted the wrong frequency. ACDP doesn’t check obviously.
Feedback 3: with no luck
The constant warnings about poor wifi when its a full strength, it still can’t crack encrypted KVM’s.
It struggles to even read them.
The software constantly locks making you have to close the app and power down the interface to reset it.
Yanhua chief engineer replied:
  1. Poor wifi signal will lead it can’t crack encrypted KVM, please try mobile hotspot connection.
  2. If the KVM was decrypted unsuccessfully, please dismantle the interface board and reinstall, then decrypt it again, this job is safe, don’t worry the data will get lost.
  3. “The software constantly locks making you have to close the app and power down the interface to reset it.” please go to “setting” to “click on “clear cache” to solve.
So, how to use Yanhua mini acdp to program key on Jaguar Land Rover locked kvm?
Firstly, prepare:
OBP+ICP adapter
BDM adapter
BAV adapter
blank key (need to buy additionally)
Video first: 

***Add a new spare key or program a new key when all keys lost shares same procedure.

Then words + images instruction:
Note: if the Jaguar or LandRover’s kvm is locked, yanhua mini acdp will decrypt it successfully and continue making key.
Look at the images:


Yanhua acdp tech support:

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