Nissan Consult 3 Plus vs. SVCI ING for Nissan

New arrival SVCI ING for Nissan/ Infiniti /GRT Diagnostic, immobilizer bypass, all modules programming, SVCI ING is much better than Nissan Consult 3 plus in the following aspects: hardware, compatibility, programming speed, stability, vehicle coverage year, update.

SVCI ING vs. Consult III plus:
ItemSVCI ING Nissan J2534Nissan Consult 3 Plus
GTR CardBuilt-inPurchase additionally
Security cardBuilt-inPurchase additionally
Power supplyNot containedContained
Connector1pc 16-14 connector1pc Nissan 14pin cable + 1pc 16pin cable
Communication wayBluetoothBluetooth 4.0 & 20m long distanceNo
CompatibilityMobile softwareAndroid, cloud diagnosisNo
Windows softwareYesYes, CSP V41.10;
Programming Data Version : plus_V75
Operating systemWin7 Win8 Win10Windows XP and Windows 7/8/10 operating system. Cannot work on VISTA O/S. ( Windows XP SP3,Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate  is also supported)
Programming speedAbout 3 minutesAbout 15 minutes
Programming stability0% death>0% death
Vehicle coverage yearNissan1996 -20201996 -2017
Infiniti1996 -20201996 -2017
GTR1996 -20201996 -2017
Immobilizer (immo bypass password)YesYes
Programming (module programming)Yes! ECM, TCM,Blank ECM,ABS, VDC…modules programmingYes
UpdateAutomatic online upgradeUncertain update by CD
LanguageChinese, English, JapaneseEnglish,Portuguese,French,
Images mean a lot:
Image 1: SVCI ING hardware advantage: lighter and smaller size than consult 3 plus makes it easy to carry.
SVCI ING (Infiniti Nissan GTR) = Consult III Plus + Security Card + GTR Card + Bluetooth 4.0
SVCI ING is compatible with both Android phone and Windows.
Image 2: it shows how the BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software works with the SVCI ING, computer and the car.
For the BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software advantages, please read the following table:
Do I need consult plus 3 installed or does this have a different platform . I am sure I want this just need to know how it works and what IOS I need to install it on?
No, you don’t need consult plus3 installed, it comes with CD software, works with Win7 or above operating system.
For mobile phone, it use cloud computing to provide cloud diagnosis, android is certain now, others are under developing.
How to install Consult III Consult 3 Plus V75 software for Nissan