Unlock Toyota 8A Smart Key with Lonsdor K518

Lonsdor K518ISE released Toyota 8A smart key unlock function in April 16, 2020.

Supports Toyota 8A (39,88,A8, A8,AA,F3)  smart key types unlock currently.
Make sure the key battery is fully charged.
How to Unlock Toyota 8A smart key with Lonsdor K518?
Insert 8A smart key into K518 key slot.
Identifying chip/key type and confirm
Select Special Function->Unlock Key->Unlock Toyota smart key (8A)
Unlock success.
Customer feedback on unlocking of toyota smart key function on lonsdor k518ise:
Yes it works, I did one for 2020 prius yesterday and for 2018 Subaru today. Works great.
Update your machine, they just fixed the unlock function and it works much better, the update was rolled out in the last day or 2
the new Toyota unlock works well.
iF k518ise failed to identify chip type and reports “chip not detected” error, change the key/chip position until it reads no problem.


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