K518ISE vs. K518S vs. K518POL vs. Other Versions

Question: There are Lonsdor k518Sk518ISE, k518ME, k518POL etc, what are the similarities and differences among them? I am considering to purchase one of them for Toyota smart key and Steering key all keys lost.

Lonsdor engineer replied:
They are distinguished from each other by the country / region & local car brands (for example, the Indian version has local Indian models / brands. Other versions do not have these menus).
You can buy the version in your country or the general version (Lonsdor k518S).
K518SK518USAOther customize versions
ACURA Japan2ACURA2Chinese and Asian software, all versions are released
HONDA JapanAsia2HONDAAsia2
HONDA JapanMiddle East2MAZDA2Middle East K518ME: K518ISLMiddle East
HONDA JapanSouth America2Australia:K518AUSAustralia
HONDA JapanIndia2Africa (South Africa):K518RSAAfrica
HONDA JapanEurope2Asia: Cambodia K518KH-4AAsia
HONDA JapanAustralia2South America K518MXSouth America
HONDA JapanUSA2Europe K518POL,K518IBE,K518TUR,K518RUSEurope
HONDA JapanAfrica2
NISSAN JapanAsia2
NISSAN JapanNorth America2
NISSAN JapanSouth America2
NISSAN JapanEurope2
NISSAN JapanAustralia2
NISSAN JapanAfrica2
NISSAN JapanMiddle East2
For Toyota all keys lost, all of the above version are suitable.
Watch this video Lonsdor K518ISE Program LEXUS ES200 all key lost by OBD:
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