How to Register Nissan Consult III S/N Step by Step?

Here’s the working solution to Nissan Consult III diagnostic tool “No VI/MI detected” problem.


1.The software should be loaded on Win XP 32bit/64bit laptop
2.Well installed the device driver
3. Install license patch
4. VI serial number should be registered.
Password: teoc9x
Nissan Consult 3 VI regeneration:
*Does not require vehicle connection during the registration procedure.
Administrator Menu:
This is a menu available only for the CONSULT-III administrators, which allows them to set and
register the serial number of the VI/MI’s to be connected.
Select Administrator Menu, display the password entry screen.
Enter the password and press OK. The Administrator Menu is displayed.
PASSWORD: nissanconsult3
Pay attention to spell with lowercase.
Registration procedure of VI/MI
1.The serial number of registered VI is input to “VI serial number”
To input the buynber again press CLEAR
2.Press Set.
The VI that is registered in the “VI list” is displayed.
To delete the VI that is registered, select from “VI list” and press Delete.
The default browsing area of VI/MI registration setting files is “C:/ConsultIII/Config/Resources”.Save the setting files to the proper area by entering the proper file name.
VI/MI Configuration Screen
Register the default (frequently used) VI/MI. Also, you can easily identify any registration file by  assigning the same color as the color ring attached to the applicable VI/MI.
1. Connect the VI. This is to ensure that Consult3 can detect it.
2. Press Reflash to detect the VI that can be connected.
3. Press and select the VI that is to be set as the default from the displayed VI
To cancel the selected VI, ress No Default
4. Press OK
To cancel the setting, press Cancel.
The following describe the procedure to set a color to a VI. The same procedure applied to MI.
1. Connect the VI. This is to ensure that Consult III can detect it.
2. Press Reflash to detect the VI that can be connected.
All detected VI are displayed.
3.Press the list button of the VI that sets the color.
Select the desired color for setting from the list.
To cancel the color setting, press No Color.
4.Press OK.
To cancel the setting, press Cancel.
How to install Nissan Consult 3 software?