Vident iLink400 GM Full Car and Function List

What is Vident iLink400:
Vident i400 scantool is the most cost-effective professional multi-system diagnostic tool for universal vehicles that delivers OE-level diagnosis for all electronic systems of different car brands to read/erase codes and live data, and help do actuation, adaptation and programming and service features most commonly required
Why do many people buy Vident iLink400 for GM:
The reason why many get Vident iLink 400 for GM is
Vident iLink 400 scan tool has a good support from GM, including abilities on GM and wide vehicle coverage.
  1. Vident iLink 400 abilities on GM:
It has not only the basic functions such as reading/erasing codes and live data, but also advanced functions including actuation, adaptation and programming. In addition, it ensures you to access the most commonly required service features like Oil Service Light Reset, Throttle Body Alignment, Electronic Parking Brake Service, Battery Configuration, Steering Angel Sensor Calibration, CBS Correct, and others. It reads and erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes from most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobilizer, Climate Control, etc.
Here are popular functions on GM.
That is, most people buy Vident iLink400 for GM functions below:
  • Crankshaft position (CKP) relearn
  • Camshaft position (CMP) relearn
  • Oil life reset
  • Preset transmission adapts
  • Reset transmission adapts
  • Reset transmission oil life
  • Automated bleed
  • Brake press sensor calibration (for changing sensor)
  • Yaw rate sensor recalibration (for changing sensor)
  • Setup new SDM (for changing new SIR/SRS ECU)
  • Setup SDM primary key in BCM (for changing new SIR/SRS ECU)
  • Copy and paste TPM information (for changing new Romote Control Door Lock Receiver ECU)
  • Tire type / Pressure selection (for changing new TPMS sensor or for changing new tire)
  • Program Key Fobs
Here are special functions iLink400 has for GM.
Note that, each function works or not depends on the specific car model and year.
Remote Keyless EntryInjector DisableCylinder Power Balance
Trans. Adaptives ResetFuel Trim EnableOption No. 0
RPM ControlFob 1 Option 2Fob 2 Option 1
Fob 2 Option 3Steady StateLearn TAP
Option BProgram Key FobsMilitary or Standard Time
Engine Shut OffIAC CalibrationAutomated Bleed
Setup SDM Serial Number in BCMIdle Air ControlEngine Speed Control
Option AOption DVIN Information
Seed and Key RelearnReset EGR ALM CellsProgram Key Fob 2
Setup New OnStarCheck ModeGauge Setup
Setup SDM Serial Number in DIMClear Cold Start CounterTire Size Calibration
EVAP Vent SolenoidAIR Pump Sol./Relay TestFuel Injector Test 2
Fuel Injector Test 4Fuel Injector Test 6BCM RPO Reprogram
Point of SaleMalfunction Indicator LampFuel Gauge Relay
High Pressure LockoffMixture Control ValveSpark Modifier Reset
Clear Memory and Program All FobsEVAP System Perf.Key Fob Personalization
Tire Pressure ResetAfterblowPRL Update
Set LanguageOption ConfigurationChime Level
Radio SetupMiscellaneous Options 1Right Hand Drive
Update HVAC Cals. in DIMLong WaveA/C Compressor Calibration
Nav. Radio TheftPersonalization OptionPreferred System Setting
Normal Chime VolumeAM Pass A StoppingTheftlock LED
Tuner CalibrationTuner CalibrationTire Pressure Monitor
Engine ShutdownA/C RelayLoop Status
Speed Cal. ReprogrammingEVAP Purge SolenoidAFO Signal Enable
Throttle Blade ControlThrottle Actuator ControlFan Relay
GEN L-TerminalCounter ResetFast Learn Adapt. Process
Program Individual Key FobReset Transmission Adapts.Air Fuel Ratio
DRR SetupGasoline to CNGVCIM Setup
Variable Effort SteeringInclination Sensor Step 1Alarm Siren Module Step 1
Intrusion Sensor Step 1Twilight SentinelDRL Option
Region Code OptionsDisable Belt Tower DTC’sRe-Zero Passenger Presence System
Depressurize SystemLearn Lateral AccelerometerPre-charge Bleed
New Tire/Wheel Base/Booster Info.TAC Module Power InhibitProgram VIN
EVAP TestAccessory InflatorSteering Pos. Sensor Calibration
CD IconTorque Sensor CalibrationNext Available Slot
Program Key Fob 4DPM SetupDSCC Setup (Japan Only)
Tire Pressure WarningOptional ModulesTire Rotation Procedure
Injector Flow RatesCylinder Power Balance >1500 RPMRunning on Gasoline
Gasoline Level ShownRelearn Window PositionElectronic Suspension Control
Auto. CalibrationTire Rotation/Sensor ReplacementSetup IPC
Zero Point CalibrationIdle SparkTheft Deterrent Module
Folding Top Learn ProcedureStep 2Column Lock
Disable DTC(s)Audio Update InitializeNav. Update Initialize
Buckle Up ReminderCylinder Deactivation SystemCylinder 4
Cylinder 7Injector Flow Rate ProgrammingPreload Passenger Presence System
Clutch Pedal Position LearnRadio Setup-UZ6Setup SDM Primary Key in BCM
Fuel Composition ResetMiddle EastNavigation Voice
PC Solenoid 5Tap ShiftOil Capacity Options
Exhaust Brake OptionsBCM SetupPressurize System
Suspension Calibration AdjustmentClear 2-1 TAPClear All Garage Shift TAP
Clear 4-3 TAPClear 5-4 TAPClear 5-6 TAP
Clear 3-2 TAPKey Fob Button TestAuto. Start/Stop Command
Aux. Trans. Pump RelayBrake Press. Sensor 2 LearnContactor Control
Hill Hold IndicatorHybrid Batt. Discharge Amp Hrs.Hybrid Batt. SOC High
SGCM Coolant Pump RelayAPM set point controlRecirculation Door
Recirc. LEDDPF Service RegenerationDPF Reset Replace Press. Sensor
DPF Reset Replace InjectorsReset Injection Value – Cyl. 2Reset Injection Value – Cyl. 4
Reset Injection Value – ECMTAC Motor CommandTAC System
ISC ActuatorABS CheckLearn Sensor Location
Instant OAT UpdateCylinder 5Reset Diagnostic Counter
Capture & Restore DataBalance Rate MonitorTC Learn
Exhaust Brake ControlReset Fuel TrimLink/Unlink Modules
FDIM SetupEconomy Mode IndicatorBrake Press. Sen. Calibration
Exhaust Brake ControlP/N Position Learn ProcedureDigital Radio Receiver
Actuator RecalibrationClear Manufacturer Enable CounterRadio RPO Selection
Reduction of Pressure DriveInclination Sensor EnableService Cleaning Procedure
Reset EGR Adapts.PSCM Calibration ProcedureNew Actuator Setup Procedure
VSCM Power Steering ResetCenter I/P SpeakerLeft Rear Speaker
Right Rear SpeakerLeft Front Door SpeakerLeft Rear Door Speaker
Right Front TweeterClear Column SoftstopsLeft Front Seat Speakers
Left Rear Surround SpeakerRear SubwooferRight Front Woofer
Rear Console Surround SpeakerData RecorderRecalibrate Leveling Sensor
EBCM RelearnStolen Vehicle Slowdown ClearInjector 2
Injector 4Yaw/Lateral Sensor RelearnKey Fob Battery Test
Transmission TypeParking Brake Shoe Service ResetParking Brake Calibration
Noise CompensationBrazil Units (CV2)Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Regulator 1Catalyst 1 ResetDPF Pressure Sensor Reset
NOx Sensor 1 ResetReductant Injector ResetReductant System Reset
Reset Clutch Overtemp CounterBrake Pedal Position LearnReductant Fluid Tank Level Reset
Reset Injection Value – Cyl. 6Reset Injection Value – Cyl. 8Crankshaft Position Variation Learn
CKP Reluctor Wheel LearnIdle LearnFuel Trim Reset
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor LearnDistance Sensing Cruise Control ModuleParking Brake Cable Replacement
Setup SDM Part Number in BCMReset History BufferParking Brake Actuator DTC Reset
Next Available SlotPark Brake ResetPSCM Center Procedure
Key Fob 2Gear Position Sensor LearnECM PTO Options
Key Fob 4Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor ResetImmobilizer Key Programming
Tire Pressure Sensors LearnNOx Catalyst ResetBrake Booster Vacuum Relay
Brake Pressure Sensor CalibrationNOx Sensor 1 ResetFuel Pressure Regulator 2
Yaw Rate Sensor ResetReductant Fluid Tank Level ResetDPF/ Catalyst 2 Reset
Power Steering Softstops LearnReductant System Data ResetNOx Catalyst Reset
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor ResetTotal Fuel Consumed ResetNOx Sensor 2 Reset
Clear Driver Window Learned ValuesCylinder 2 Injector Flow IdentifierReductant System Data Reset
Clear Left Rear Window Learned ValuesCylinder 4 Injector Flow IdentifierPassenger Presence Sensor Learn
Read LIN Bus Device ID InformationCylinder 2 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetRange Actuator Learn
CAN Bus Configuration LearnCylinder 4 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetHourmeter Reset
HVAC Actuators LearnFuel Injector Correction Value PresetReset Injection Value – Cyl. 5
APP LearnCylinder 6 Injector Flow IdentifierReset Injection Value – Cyl. 7
MAF Sensor LearnCylinder 8 Injector Flow IdentifierNOx Cat. Reductant Loading Reset
Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor or Fuel Rail LearnDC Charging Disabled ResetClutch Pedal Position Learn
Glow Plug Control Module ResetHybrid/EV Battery Contactor Open Reasons ResetHO2S Learn
Remote Vehicle Start Disable History ResetContent Theft – Exterior Lamp FlashEngine Oil Life Reset
Clear Transmission CountersPanic AlarmTransmission Adaptive Pressure Reset
Clutch PurgeDigital Radio Receiver Control ModuleConfigure New Module
Transmission LearnAmbient Air Temperature Calculation ResetErase All Key Fobs
Automatic Electric Door Locks (AU4) Without Seat Belt Pretensioner (-A70)Copy Injector Flow Identifiers from Glow Plug Control Module to ECMKey Fob 1
Electric Door Locks (AU3) Without Seat Belt Pretensioner (-A70)Cylinder 5 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetKey Fob 3
Enable Deployment LoopsCylinder 7 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetTire Type/Pressure Selection
Battery Sensor Module LearnReset PTO Inhibit and Disengage HistoryTransmission Adaptive Values Learn
Clear Disable HistoryNeutral Position Sensor LearnYaw Rate Sensor Learn
HO2S Heater LearnCharge/Assist GaugePower Steering Softstops Reset
Liftgate Maximum Open Position LearnEngine Clnt. Pump RelaySteering Wheel Angle Sensor Centering
Gear Selector -N- Position LearnHybrid Batt. Charge Hrs.Brake Pedal Position Sensor Learn
Average Fuel Age ResetHybrid Batt. SOC LowClear Passenger Window Learned Values
Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Coolant Control Solenoid Valve LearnHybrid DisableClear Right Rear Window Learned Values
Passenger Compartment Heater Coolant Control Solenoid Valve LearnStarter EnablePassenger Presence Sensor Learn
Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Data ResetAPM Mode High to LowRemote Vehicle Speed Limiting Reset
Fuel Composition ResetABS RelayHVAC Afterblow Configuration
Module SetupRecalibrate All MotorsExhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Learn
Copy Tire Pressure Monitoring InformationDPF Reset Replace ECMEGR Valve Learn
Idle Speed AdjustmentDPF Reset Replace DPFTurbocharger Learn
Crankshaft Position Reluctor Wheel LearnReset Injection Value – Cyl. 1Injector Flow Rate Programming
Intake Air Flow Valve LearnReset Injection Value – Cyl. 3Headlamp Leveling Sensor Learn
Front Suspension Position Sensor Trim HeightReset Injection Value – All Cyl.Clutch Position Learn
Control Module ResetIdle Speed ControlDepressurize System
Transfer Case Clutch IdentifierLearn IMT Valve Adapts.Automatic Electric Door Locks (AU4) With Seat Belt Pretensioner (A70)
DPF Pressure Sensor LearnProg ISU with RKE only (w/o Immo)Electric Door Locks (AU3) With Seat Belt Pretensioner (A70)
DPF Service RegenerationISC SystemManual Door Locks (-AU3) (-AU4)
Idle Speed Control ResetBrake Valve CyclingPark Brake Calibration
CO AdjustLearn Sen Loc with Tire Press ToolAdjustable Pedals Softstops Learn
Rear Drive Clutch Service Calibration SetupCylinder 3Vehicle Direction Camera Learn
Fuel Pressure Regulator Fast LearnSpecial FunctionsClutch Control Module/Rear Drive System Matching Identification Setup
High Pressure Fuel Pump LearnColumn CalibrationFrontview Camera Learn
DPF Pressure Sensor ResetSupply Pump LearnLearned Values Reset
Cylinder 2 InjectorFuel Transfer PumpElectronic Brake Control Module Learn
Cylinder 4 InjectorTrans. Oil Overtemp LampHybrid/EV Battery Pack Capacity Learn
Adaptive Pressure Control LearnExhaust Brake CutFuel Economy Reset
Cylinder Deactivation Exhaust Flow Valve LearnSystem ConfigurationHybrid/EV Battery Pack Capacity Reset
Erase/Program All Key FobsResetCode Index
Key Fob 6Calibrate ModuleReset
Key Fob 8Hood Ajar IndicatorRange Actuator Learn
Vehicle ModelSetup New ROSSuspension Position Sensor Trim Height
Rear Differential Clutch Service Calibration SetupPower Window Motor ProgrammingFlywheel Learn
Speedometer CalibrationSteering Pos./Torque Sensor Cal.Rear Suspension Position Sensor Trim Height
Exhaust Aftertreatment Data ResetActive Vacuum BoosterErase Valet Mode Code
Fuel Filter Life ResetAssist Step Learn ProcedureLong Range Radar Sensor Module Learn
NOx Catalyst Reductant Loading ResetFuel Pump Trim ResetTransfer Case Clutch Overtemperature Counter Reset
NOx Sensor 2 ResetTV Region LockoutDPF Reset
Reductant Injector ResetLearn Tire Pressure SensorsCatalyst Reset
Reductant System ResetSteering Position Sensor CenteringECM Reset
Cylinder 1 Injector Flow IdentifierThrottle SweepAWD Disabled-by-Malfunction Counter Reset
Cylinder 3 Injector Flow IdentifierActuator Removal ProcedureFuel Pressure Regulator Learn
Cylinder 1 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetAcceleration Sensor ResetIntake Manifold Runner Control Valve Learn
Cylinder 3 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetActive AntennaBoost Pressure Sensor Learn
All Cylinders Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetLeft Front SpeakerCylinder 1 Injector
Cylinder 5 Injector Flow IdentifierRight Front SpeakerCylinder 3 Injector
Cylinder 7 Injector Flow IdentifierSubwooferFuel Injector Learn
Transmission Solenoid Valves Calibration PresetLeft Front TweeterExhaust Flow Control Valve Learn
EV Range ResetRight Front Door SpeakerInfo Display/Infotainment Faceplate Reset
Add/Replace Key FobsRight Rear Door SpeakerKey Fob 5
Content Theft – Horn Chirp / Door Key Cylinder DisarmingParental PasswordKey Fob 7
Ambient Air Temperature Instant UpdateLeft Front WooferLH Drvr. Personalization
PersonalizationRear Center Surround SpeakerExport ID
Engine Serial NumberRight Front Seat SpeakersUniversal Theft Deterrent
Copy Injector Flow Identifiers from ECM to Glow Plow Control ModuleRight Rear Surround SpeakerJapan Key Fob Option
Cylinder 6 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetUnlock RadioSetup SDM Part Number in DIM
Cylinder 8 Fuel Injector Correction Value ResetSetup New PIDMAIR Pump
PTO Operation ModeBMC Prim. Piston Pos. RelearnLoud Amp Chime Volume
Idle Air Control ResetDMCM Coolant Pump RelayNormal Amp Chime Volume
Special FunctionInjector 1FM Pass A Stopping
Trans. Oil Life ResetInjector 3Country Code
Fuel PumpMisfire GraphicValet Lockout
IAC Circuit TestSecurity TelltaleIdle Learn Reset
Fuel Trim ResetNavigation OptionTire Pressure Monitor DTC
Fuel Injector BalanceYaw Rate Sensor RecalibrationPTO Options
Oil Life ResetAPP LearnEGR Solenoid
Option No. 1Reset ECMAux. Cooling Fan
Fob 1 Option 3SCLM SetupSetup New HVAC
Fob 2 Option 2Step 1AIR Pump Relay
Option No. 2TPM Learn ModeFuel Pressure Control
ShiftColumn UnlockReset Learned Values
Fuel Injector ModificationSetup SDM Part Number in IPMSetup New SDM
Option EBluetoothCruise Enable
Dolby N. R.Fuel Filter Life ResetNew BCM Setup
Time SetSpare Tire Monitoring DisableWait to Drive Lamp
IAC ResetCylinder 1Program All Key Fobs
Crankshaft Pos. Variation LearnCylinder 6Bleed MPA
Automated TestPilot Injector Balance ProcedureReset Transmission Oil Life
Export OptionElevated Idle SettingEVAP Service Bay Test
ECM/Immobilizer RelearnHO2S Heater LearnCNG to Gasoline
IPC RecalibrationRadio Setup-U85Mileage Log Reset
Option CCopy and Paste TPM InformationSecondary Ckt. Evacuation
Synchronize IPC and SIRAfterblow OptionHeadlamp Type Option
Key Fob Function TestNorth AmericaIntrusion Sensor Step 2
TDC LearnDisable/Enable Secure CarInclination Sensor Step 2
Program Key Fob 1AIR Service Bay TestAlarm Siren Module Step 2
Program Both Key FobsTV Region SelectFront Fog Lamp Type
BCM ReprogrammingPilot Injector StopPerimeter Lighting
LanguageCruise Control OptionsTraffic Seek
VIN RelearnGear Down Protection OptionsVehicle Speed Limit
Setup New VTD ModuleFob Button Hold TimeSetup SDM Serial Number in IPC
New VINSuspension Position CalibrationCalibrate Trim Height
EVAP Purge Solenoid (PWM)Clear 1-2 TAPABS Motor
EVAP System SealClear 2-3 TAPRecalibration
Fuel Injector Test 1Clear 3-4 TAPFuel Injector Flow Test
Fuel Injector Test 3Clear 4-5 TAPReset TPS Learn Value
Fuel Injector Test 5Clear All TAP CellsBPP Sensor Calibration
Throttle PositionPreset All TAP CellsAutomatic/Manual HVAC Options
TIM ResetClear 6-5 TAPCassette Icon
Fuel Mode Indicator LampBCM Copy and FlashIAC Motor Position
Fuel GaugeAux. Trans. PumpSteering Tuning Selection
NGO EnableBatt. End of Life Est. ResetInvalidate All Fobs
Low Pressure LockoffSteering Angle Sensor CenteringProgram Key Fob 3
Forced Fuel Switch OverIPC SetupSetup New RCDLR
Add/Replace Key FobsLoud Chime VolumeFactory Reset
Throttle Position ValveTwilight Sentinel ReprogramVehicle Type
EVAP Purge/SealMiscellaneous Options 2TPM Option Enable
Setup SDM Part Number in BCMReset Battery Total Ahrs.Dimming Delay
English/Metric StatusReset Idle LearnSensor Learn Mode Enable
Acquisition SettingAdjustable Pedal CalibrationCylinder Power Balance <1400 RPM
Program Phone NumberTire Type/Pressure SelectionSetup SDM Part Number in IPC
Setup RFACNG Level Shown
  1. Vident iLink 400 GM coverage:
Year: from 1996 to 2018 (some to 2019)
Model: Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Saturn, Isuzu, Daewoo, Topkick, Hummer H2 & H3



(this is not the full coverage. the GM software never stops update for more vehicles)
ATSEngine TypeLimousineSilverado – 2WD
AcadiaEnjoyLucerneSilverado – 4WD
Acadia – 2WDEnvoyLuminaSilverado Hybrid
Acadia – 4WDEnvoy – 2WDMalibuSintra
AchievaEnvoy – 4WDMalibu ClassicSkylark
AleroEnvoy XLMalibu HybridSolstice
Alero (Export)Envoy XUVMalibu_1Sonic
AlpheonEquinoxMatiz ClassicSonoma Pickup – 2WD
Ascender – 4WDEscaladeMedium Duty TruckSonoma Pickup – 4WD
Astro – 2WDEscalade – 2WDMetroSpark
Astro – 4WDEscalade – AWDMontanaSpark Classic
AuraEscalade ESVMontana – 4WDSpin
AuroraEscalade EXTMontana Ext.Suburban
Avalanche – 2WDExport ExpressMontana SV6Suburban – 2WD
Avalanche – 4WDExport SavanaMontana SV6 – AWDSuburban – 4WD
AveoExpressMontana SV6 Ext.
Aveo ClassicExpress (CNG)Monte CarloSuburban 4WD – RHD
Aztek – AWDExpress – 2WDMonzaSun Runner – 2WD
Aztek – FWDExpress – AWDN200Sun Runner – 4WD
BarinaExpress AccessN300Sunfire
Barina SparkFireBirdOUTLOOK – 2WDTahoe
BeatFireFly (Canada)OUTLOOK – AWDTahoe – 2WD
BerettaFleetwoodOnixTahoe – 4WD
Blazer – 2WDG VanOpelTahoe 4WD – RHD
Blazer – 4WDG2XOptraTahoe Hybrid
Blazer – 4WD – RHDG3Optra – MexicoTahoe Limited
BonnevilleG5OrlandoTahoe Z71
Bravada – 2WDG8Park AvenueTerrain
C Cab/Chassis HD (GMT 400)GMC C Cab/Chassis HD (GMT 400)Passenger CarTerraza
C Pickup – 2WDGMC C Pickup – 2WDPrismaTerraza – 4WD
C Pickup – 2WD (CNG)GMC C Pickup – 2WD (CNG)PrizmTerraza Ext.
C Silverado – 2WDGMC C-Series – 2WDProduct Line(s)Torrent
C Silverado – 2WD (CNG)GMC C-Series – 2WD (CNG)Product SeriesTracker
CTSGMC G VanPursuitTracker – 2WD
CamaroGMC K Pickup – 4WDRainierTracker – 4WD
Canyon Pickup – 2WDGMC K Pickup – 4WD (CNG)Rainier – 2WDTrailblazer
Canyon Pickup – 4WDGMC K Sierra – 4WDRegalTrailblazer – 2WD
CapriceGMC K Sierra – 4WD (CNG)RelayTrailblazer – 4WD
Caprice PoliceGMC Sierra DenaliRelay – AWDTrans Sport
CaptivaGMC Suburban – 2WDRelay Ext.Trans Sport (Export)
Captiva 5GMC Suburban – 4WDRendezvous – AWDTrans Sport Ext.
Captiva 7GMC TruckRendezvous – FWDTraverse
Captiva MaxxGTORivieraTraverse – AWD
Captiva SportGentraRoadmasterTraverse – FWD
Captiva Sport(VIN L)Grand AmS/T Isuzu – 2WDTrax
Captiva_1Grand PrixS/T Isuzu – 4WDU100
CavalierH3S10 Pickup – 2WDUplander – 4WD
Cavalier(CNG)HHRS10 Pickup – 4WDUplander Ext.
CenturyHHR PanelSKYVUE
ChevyHearseSLVUE – AWD
CheyenneHoldenSL1/SC1/SW1VUE – FWD
Cheyenne – 2WDIONSL2/SC2/SW2Vauxhall
Cheyenne – 4WDImpalaSLSVenture
ClassicIncompleteSRXVenture – 4WD
CobaltIncomplete(Hearse)SSVenture Ext.
Colorado 7IntrigueSTSVeritas
Colorado Pickup – 2WDJimmy – 2WDSUVVibe – AWD
Colorado Pickup – 4WDJimmy – 4WDSaab 9-7xVibe – FWD
CommodoreJoySafari – 2WDVivant
ConcoursK Pickup – 4WDSafari – 4WDVolt
CorsicaK Pickup – 4WD (CNG)SailWave
CorvetteK Silverado – 4WDSavanaWorkhorse
CruzeK Silverado – 4WD (CNG)Savana (CNG)XLR
CutlassKalosSavana – 2WDXTS
DHSL100/L200/LW200Savana – AWDYukon
DTSL300/LW300Savana ProYukon – 2WD
DamasLD Trk, MPV,IncompleteSevilleYukon – 4WD
DevilleLSSierraYukon Denali
ELRLSSSierra – 2WDYukon XL
Eighty EightLWSierra – 4WDYukon XL – 2WD
EldoradoLaCrosseSierra ClassicYukon XL – 4WD
EnclaveLaboSierra Denali – 2WD       Yukon XL Denali
Enclave – AWDLacettiSierra Denali ClassicSilverado
Enclave – FWDLacrosseSierra Hybrid
EncoreLacrosse (Allure in Canada)Silhouette
Note: This iLink400 scanner also offers global obd2 for the check engine light & is compatible with all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian & European vehicles (OBD II & CAN), as well as 2018 and 2019 selected models Gas & Diesel including live vehicle sensors data in text       and graph.

1996-2018 & some 2019

1996-2018 & some 2019

up to 2016

up to 2016

up to 2019

up to 2019

up to 2015 & some 2016
BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce

up to 2016

up to 2018

up to 2016

1996 to 2017

up to 2017

up to 2018 & some 2019

up to 2016
HOLDENVW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, Bentley, Bugatti, & Lamborghini

up to 2016

up to 2016

up to 2016

up to 2017