VXDIAG Benz C6 & MB SD C4 Test on New and Old Benz

Can you provide some list of the supported Mercedes models and diagnostic protocols? Are there any restrictions on trucks, buses etc.?

Here is a test report of Mercedes W220 W168 W163 diagnostic test. Done with Allscanner VXDIAG C6 and SD connect C4 china clone.

Pre-test conditions:

VX Manager version:

Firmware versions: VCI – / DoIP – 1.5.6 

MBSTAR software version: 03.2019 
Connection to laptop: LAN cable


SDconnect C4 China clone MBSTAR software version: 03.2019 Connection to laptop: LAN cable

Test results on real cars:
Car 1: W220 S320 gasoline 2001 VIN: WDB2201651A115564
VXDIAG C6 DoIP Benz – car have 29 control modules but C6 finds only 9 of them!


SDconnect C4 – all 29 control modules are found and accessible.


Car 2: W168 A160 gasoline 2001 VIN: WDB1680331J439808
VXDIAG Benz C6 – finds VIN number automatically but 1 control module is not recognized – TAC (Automatic temperature control). We can’t enter control modules because it seems like the HHTWIN is not supported.


SDconnect C4 – finds VIN automatically and recognizes all control modules.


Car 3: W163 ML270CDI diesel 2002 VIN: WDC1631131A405201
VXDIAG C6 DoIP Benz cannot detect the VIN number automatically. Some control modules are not recognized. MB SD C4 finds VIN number automatically and recognizes all control modules.

We have tested newer cars too. Just one example:

ML164 320CDI 2006 VIN: WDC1641221A094001 – VXDIAG C6 finds and test all control modules and operates the same as SDconnect C4!

Problem is that not all car control modules are recognized and accessible on older cars like W220, W168, W163.

In sum, VXDIAG Benz C6 maybe works well for new Mercedes but SD connect C4 can work no problem for new and old cars.