PSA Diagbox V7 V8 V9 Software Update Plan

Great write-up from GiveMeABreak: (many thanks!)
For those members interested, I’ve assembled all the Citroen Diagbox change logs, detailing the patches, issues and fixes from version 6.39 (7.06) on. As there are quite a few updates, I have created a section on the Citroen section of the Forum Wiki site
Members often ask “Do I need to upgrade my version”? Well hopefully, by looking at the version you have and scanning through the changes made on later versions, you will be able to see if there is anything in particular that affects your vehicle. As an example, I found some telecoding issues that affected my C5 X7 in Version 7.66 that were later corrected – so that warranted me upgrading, as my central locking plip options had disappeared from the central display after using a prior version!
Just be aware:- before making a decision about upgrading your Diagbox version, make sure your hardware interface will support any firmware upgrade that may be needed to use the later versions of the software. If an update requires a newer firmware version, it will attempt to upgrade the hardware, so if your interface is too old, it may not work and could end up bricking your hardware  </p alt=