How to Program BMW Motorbike HP4 2014 Key by TMPro2?

Motorcycle: BMW HP4 2014 with ID46 chip


Tools required:
Ktag and BDM probe
Key Programmer TMPro2 

Step 1: Read ECU data


Remove ECU near the tank



Remove the back case of the ECU and connect it with Ktag via Bosch BDM probe in boot mode


Select BMW Motorcycle Bosch ME9+ BMSK P188


Save dump, including 3 files dump zip, b.FLS and b.MPC CPU data

Step 2: Write Key
You can write key with VVDI2, Tango or TMPro2. Here is the example of TMpro.
Need to purchase BMW 109 bikes engine ECU Bosch module license.


Upload b.FLS (M58BW016DB data) read by Ktag
Program chip key success.
Insert a brand ne PCF7936 chip into TM Pro2


Press Write Key until success
TMPro2 support all data formats. You don’t need to modify data, i.e FLS format file read by ktag. Directly upload to TMpro and write key.
If you choose VVDI2, you have to modify file as BIN format. Otherwise it will fail to write key.
Reinstall ECU back to BMW motor.


Test the new chip key.

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