Possible to read & write 35160WT Dashboard with CG Pro?

Question: Anyone tried with CG Pro 9s12 and 35160WT adapter ?

I bought it just to try it…
160DOWT without Problems…
160DOWQ without Problems…
Need the Adapter for WT
For 35160WT, you need extra adapter and also to choose in options, you’ll have to connect this adapter on separate port…
From update log:
Added Dashboard
BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT) (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)
CG Pro is the ONLY Chinese programmer working for 35160WT to read/write.
Here are the ST 35160WT chip list.
All should be done with a dedicated 35160WT adapter.
Chip:ST 35160WT
Microchip PIC18F6520
Microchip PIC18F6720
Microchip PIC18F8520
Microchip PIC18F8620
Microchip PIC18F8720
Microchip PIC12F635
Microchip PIC12F683
Microchip PIC16F631
Microchip PIC16F636
Microchip PIC16F639
Microchip PIC16F677
Microchip PIC16F684
Microchip PIC16F685
Microchip PIC16F687
Microchip PIC16F688
Microchip PIC16F689
Microchip PIC16F690
Dashboard:BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT)
On a side note,
You might be told: VVDI ProgXprog, Enigma, Smoke and Cgdiprog can read / write 35160WT
But actually, they can only work for 35160WT read, NOT write.