Jeep CRD EDC16+ ECU Flashing with Kess V2

We found out that it is possible to unload and load the firmware into the engine ecu of a diesel Jeep in two ways – with opening the control unit and without opening through the diagnostic connector.  In this case, through the diagnostic connector, we read and write not all of the ecu, but only a part, but this part is enough for us to do chip tuning, turn off the USR and SWIRL valves. But we do not need to remove the engine control unit, to suffer with its opening and then seal it.

So, to read and write the ecu through the diagnostic OBD connector, we need the appropriate programmer. Programmers are different, but they do the same thing. I personally liked Kess. Original programmer costs more than one thousand dollars, but you can take a good clone for approx 100 dollars. It is easy to find on request KESS V2 V4.036 or V5.017. I use the 4.036 and it works good. 

It is suitable for reading / flashing many vehicles: most modern European diesel engines, almost all VAG cars, and for some jeeps, such as: 
Cherokee JK and KK with a 2.8 diesel 
Commander XK with a 3.0 
Compass diesel with a 2.2 
Grand Cherokee WJ diesel with 2.7 diesel 
Grand Cherokee WK with diesel 3.0, gasoline 5.7, 6.1 
Liberty KJ with diesel 2.5 and 2.8 
Patriot with diesel 2.0 
Renegade BU with gasoline 1.4 
Wrangler with diesel 2.8 and gasoline 3.8

So, if all of you decided to try your own Grand Cherokee chipanut and paid for the order, then in a couple of weeks you will have such a box with a set of wires and adapters. We need only a cable to connect to the OBD connector and USB to connect to a PC
On the computer, we need to install the K-suite program, which comes bundled with Kess. Usually, the Chinese are attaching sufficiently detailed installation instructions/videos, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties, but if anything, just ask. The Chinese in the instructions warn that the Disable the Internet connection during installationThis is important, otherwise it is very likely that the clone Kess will deteriorate.
So, if you installed the program, then it is time to connect Kess to the computer and the car. All further actions you do at your own risk. If you follow the simple rules, the risks are minimal, but nevertheless they are there, so you should be prepared for the fact that you have to remove and open the engine control unit or even replace it. To minimize the risks, you need to follow a few simple rules: 
1. The vehicle’s battery must be charged, the voltage must be at least 12 V. 
2. The computer must be connected to a reliable power source in order to avoid disconnecting it from reading and writing ecu 
3. Cables connecting the car, kess and computer should be laid so as to avoid their accidental disconnection
4. The Internet on the computer must be turned off throughout the work with the device and the program 
5. You must strictly follow the instructions of the K-suite program regarding the moment of switching the ignition on and off 
6. The process of reading and writing the ecu cannot be interrupted in any way, even if it seems that he was drawn out …
So, we disconnected the Internet on the computer and connected Kess to the PC using USB, and to the car via the OBD connector. Now we run the K-suite and select the mode of work with cars.
Find the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK and among the engines choose 3.0 CRD
The program offers us to choose what we will do next. 
1. We can find out the software version of the engine control unit 
2. Read the firmware of the engine control unit 
3. Write the firmware to the engine control unit 
4. Restore the firmware of the engine control unit after unsuccessful firmware.
Let’s start by reading the firmware and select the appropriate item.
The program will ask to turn on the ignition and check the connection. After you do this, you will need to click “OK”. Then the program will display the current version of the software, and you will need to click “OK” again. Then Ksuite will ask if you want to continue reading and you will click “OK” for the last time, after which the reading process will begin.
After a few minutes, the reading process is completed and a window appears asking you to save the firmware. 
We will deal with the firmware review next time, and now let’s talk about writing the firmware to the engine control unit.
Suppose you have a modified firmware that you bought or made. To write it into the engine control unit, we need to repeat a number of points that we did when reading the firmware: connect the computer with kess v2 and the car, start the program, select the appropriate car. Next, we have to choose the point of firmware ECU engine.
We will be prompted to select the firmware file. Carefully check whether the file you choose!
After selecting the appropriate file, the program will ask you to connect the car to the charger. If you have a normal charged battery – then I do not see the point in doing this. You can ignore this requirement and click “OK”. Next, the program will ask to turn on the ignition. After you do this – click “OK” again. The current software version will be displayed, and you, as well as when reading the firmware, will need to click “OK”.
K-suite will ask if you want to continue the firmware, warn you that in case of incorrect firmware, you can damage the engine control unit, ask you to turn off the ignition, again offer to connect the charger and turn on the ignition. Everywhere we press “OK” and pay attention only to the requirement to turn on or off the ignition. Finally, after you have pressed the “OK”, the process of firmware will begin.
After a few minutes, the program will report a successful firmware. Click “OK” and turn off the ignition after the program asks for it. Now you can exit the program and turn off the device. 

If you did everything correctly, the car will start and will work on the new firmware. 
Thus, for 100 dollars. You can read and write the firmware in the engine ECU at any times. That’s only if you can not change the firmware – the benefits of this feature is not much. It is necessary either to learn how to correct it, or to search / buy firmware for your car on the Internet. In any case, it will cost you less than a chip tuning in an incomprehensible office, and if you purchase firmware from a proven tuning studio, then the risks will be much less …
By the way, KESS can read / write firmware not only in the ecu of machines with 3.0 CRD, but also in the ecu of machines with 5.7 and 6.1 motors.