AUTOPHIX VAG V007 OBDII Scanner Update Guide

AUTOPHIX VAG V007 is a super scanner for detecting the Volkswagen Series and OBD II vehicles. V-A-G007 is a good assistant for car owners, you could test all VW, AUDI, SKODA and SEAT series vehicles.


Multilingual Menu: English, German

AUTOPHIX V007 OBD2 Scanl Tool Compatible Vehicles:

VW/ AUDI/ SEAT/ Skoda/ Jetta/ Bora/ Santana/ Sagitar/ Magotan/ Golf/ Beetle/ Tiguan/ Touareg/ Passat and so on .

AUTOPHIX VAG007 VW/AUDI Scanner Function:

Read fault codes
Erase codes and turn off the malfunction indicator light
Retrieve vehicle information

Control unit info.
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Oil reset
TP Position check
EPB ReplaceBrakepads

OBD II OBD2 function:

Works on all after 1996 OBD II
Compliant US, European and Asian vehicles

Functions for volkswagen Series:

01. MENUCOMM: Engine, Auto_Trans, ABS_Brakes, Auto_HVAC, Cent_Elect, Airbags, Steering_Wheel, Instruments and so on.
02. MENUDRIV: Engnie, DieselPump, AutoTrans, AWD etc.
03. MENUCHAS: ABSBrakes, Susp_Elect, ChassisControl, Airbags, SteeringAssist, TirePressure and so on.
04. MENUCOMF: AutoHVAC, PositionSensing, Steeringwheel, Aux_Heat, LaneChange, CentralConv etc.
05. MENUELEC1: Immobilizer, Instruments, Cent_Elect, Navigation, CANGateway, Towprotection etc.
06. MENUELEC2: DataTransfer, MediaPlayer, CtrlHeadDash, Inform_Electr etc.

How to Update AUTOPHIX VAG007 VW/AUDI OBDII Scanl Tool?

The upgrade process:
Step 1: First, you need to connect the V007 to the PC via usb cable.
Step 2: Open the software.
Install the driver.
The installation would be completed after clicking “OK” and then you should exit the
driver installation interface.
Step 3: Open the upgrade software again.
Select the correct COM port (COM 4)
You can get the option and serial port COM port number by checking your Device Manager.
Step 4: Click the “Main File” to select upgrade file path.
Select the upgrade file, then click “Open“. <Upgrade file format is FlashFile_V2.6.bin >
Click the “Open Port” to open the serial port.
Click the “Main Update” to upgrade.
Upgrade successful prompt:
After update successful , pull out the upgrade line after the device’s main
interface appear.
Note: If you can’t find the COM port, please check whether the equipment
connected to PC successfully, and then reopen the software to upgrade.
Step 5:  Replug the data cable, click “Close String” and “Open String” again!
Click “FLASH File” to select MainFile_V6.4.bin in the popup dialog.
Click “FLASH upgrade“, then the upgrade begins, this process may be longer
Please wait patiently!
Upgrade success will appear boot interface, at this point you can rest assured
to use!
Note: Please refer to the upgrade instructions in detail during the upgrade
process. If the upgrade fails, do not worry about it. Re-upgrade according to
the upgrade steps and will not affect the normal use of the device.