How to make Xhrose remote tester work on 868Mhz

It’s kind of different from Xhorse remote testers, the the latest produced in Oct. 2018 and the old. Here are great tips and guides for you guys if you have no luck with remotes 868mhz on the Xhorse.


Here you go


2018 Xhorse remote tester NEW board vs OLD board:


Old PCB from Xhorse remote tester:

Work good for both 434mhz and 868mhz remotes


NEW PCB from Xhorse remote tester:

Cannot support 868mhz remotes!

Work for 434mhz remotes only!




So, XHORSE remote tester doesn’t work for remote 868mhz any more?

Definitely NOT! You can rework the PCB to get it to work with remote 868mhz.


Look here: How to rework PCB from Xhorse remote tester to support remote 868mhz

In detail…


This is the new remote tester xhorse made on 10-2018

The tester start…


Test the remote 434mhz: confirmed!


Test the remote 868mhz: not worked!


Take out the battery from the tester

And open the shell to add a component (shown as Pic.1 in the beginning)



Now, test the remote 868: worked!




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