Autel MaxiSys vs. Auro IM100 which is better for IMMO?

Autel MaxiSys Elite? MS906? MS906BT? Auro OtoSys IM100 IM600?, which is better for key programming?

I like the im100. It does a good job on keys. The diagnostics portion is lacking. You get all systems on all makes for read and erase codes. Some special functions but not like the autel. The choice between the two i guess Depends on what you do . For me I don’t just do keys. Even when I do I grab the autel first when I know it will do a certain key. For chrysler or vw I grab the im100 . If you do keys only the im100 is a good start. If your looking for the most bang for your buck the autel 100 percent is better.

The Autel maxisys elite is a waste of money because with the exception of bmw and Mercedes online coding the 906bt or ts does the exact same diagnostic/ key programming and coding . The im 100 is a good tool but will still fall short on some vehicles. I program about 70 percent of my keys with the autel ms906bt. The im 100 does the same programming key wise except it will pull pin codes. The maxisys will not.

What is better the im600 or maxisys elite ?
it totally depends on what you’re using it for. If you do more keys the Im if you’re doing more coding and diagnostics the maxisys . I just got one a month ago and am trying it out . So far im600 seems a pretty good tool for a mechanic with experience (I’ve been wrenching the last 50 years myself.) So far I’m pretty happy with the unit, but of course, only time will tell.

If I am going to buy a Autel 906bt would I need this to do keys as well. Is this better at keys than the 906?

It depends. The autel is great for keys. The auro just adds a little more options especially for certain european cars but the autel will do a lot when it comes to adding keys and remotes. I personally wouldn’t jump into buying both. Id start with the autel . See how often you use it for keys and what you can and can’t do then decide if it’s worth the extra price. 90 percent of the keys i do or get called for are the every day gm ,Chrysler, nissan , toyota and especially honda laser cuts (.they are notorious for breaking in half) . The autel does them all very well. Depending on my work load the harder stuff like mercedes and bmw cas keys i usually way overprice them or turn down the job just because i know i’m going to be there for a couple hours and in that time i can make triple on easy jobs. Sorry for the long response. My point. Stick to the easy everyday cars that you can cut , program and be gone in 30 minutes and the autel will be perfect.

Is it better then Autel for key programming?

Quite a bit better. Well not better it just does a lot more on immobilisers . Pull pin codes, guided or automatic programming. Key reading/ writing . Auro IM100 is a pretty good tool I can tell you that. I’m still trying to figure out everything it does but I’m totally impressed so far. Won’t do Mercedes but it’s awesome for vw, Audi and Chrysler. IM600 does the Mercedes capabilities, you can check youtube video guides.

Credit to to professional locksmith Jack Meyers and some others who has both Autel and Auro tools.

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