Which tool to do IMMO Off, Kess V2 or Ktag?

Here are handy tips and guides for you guys who are trying to do immo off by kess v2 ecu master.
What is immo off? And what is partial immo off?
IMMO off is simply a modded dump of the ecu flash or eeprom or separate immo box to tell the car no immobilisers function
In some immo files you see the letters T or P . T means total, so immo off/disabled. P stands for Partial that one is used to make the ecu virgin and to reprogram new keys (if I am not wrong). the car is drivable only if the immobilizer is connected and running.
used when diagnosing non start car problems not a good idea but helps in trouble shooting.
another place is used when key matching messes up to determine if it is immobilisers or something else playing up
Immo off: should you use kess v2 or ktag?
First. Look here. I have collected some questions and answers from users.
Q: I was wondering if it’s possible to immo off a read or backup read done by a kess v2. need ktag to read separate files?
A: Ktag should work, almost impossible to separate file read by KESS
Q: Flash read by ktag will be full flash and not only maps as kess ?
A: With ktag you have full eprom and maps.(flash).
With kess you read only maps.
Q: Don’t i need full flash for immo off and not just maps ?
A: Most you need eeprom read. You need ktag for that
Q: when i load a ecu file with kess v2 via obdCan i turn off the immo in this file ?
A: Some ecus you can’t because you need desolder eeprom some others you can’t no immo off and others immo in flash you can turn off
Q: Any chance to do immo off with Kess?
A: Either you have bad read or its a slave file, nothing we can do with this file …
and you need Ktag or Galletto to make full read, OBD read can’t do immo off.
So, for immo off, Ktag is confirmed to work and Kess yes or no is a question.
Reason why some people think Kess V2 is not for immo off:
KESS that is ecu programmer, you can read and write ecu , but it does not modify files.
But actually, is it possible to do immo off using Kess V2?
It Depends; on the vehicle make and model!
Because some vehicles have an EEPROM which runs the security function while others which only have a flashfile with a rolling code embedded there in, depending on 2 or 3 other member but mostly gateway Ecu on transponder or drive authorization mechanism.
So you need to know how vehicle security of the respective vehicle ecu works. Some vehicle you can use Kess V2 (can only read and write part of flash(at times not everything therein)) then you need a hex editor to edit the sectors therein either to make key(if you know key ID) or immo off.
There are too many old ecus with immo off in flash, you could do it with kess, but too many others need work in eeprom so will need another tool or even desolder, for those in mcu need proper tools.
Tested vag edc15vm! Able to write immo off with Kess V2!
Good luck!