How to create FSC code for upgrading BMW navigation

Topic: How to create FSCgen, the opening code for upgrading the BMW F / G / I series navigation.


1. BMW Enet cable 

2. Laptop with E-Sys and E-Sys Launcher installed

3. Attach the FSCGen file (unzip it to C: \)

Extraction method

1. Running E-Sys

2. After cable connection (①), go to next screen by FSC_Extend ②


3. Enter 0x63 (③), click Identity (④), confirm that HU_NBT is coming up (⑤)


4. Enter 0xDE (⑥) and 0x1 (⑦) as shown below, then press StoreFSC (FSC Save, ⑧)


5 Click Read button (⑩) and press SAVE button to save as DE, fsc


6. Copy the attached file to ‘C: \’ and copy the above saved DE.fsc to C: \ FSCgen, then run the window command window and type ‘cd \’ to move to the root directory Then, enter ‘cd FSCGEN’ to go to FCSGen, which is the directory saved above.


7. Enter ‘nbt, exe DE.fsc 0xA6 0x28 *******’ (where ******* is the chassis number of your car)


8. This will launch the program in the command window and generate the system code.

Remember this code and use it in your navigation updates to update your navigation on your own.

The vehicles that can be updated in this way are only available for vehicles with the H-NBT and later F series. The E Series can not be updated this way, and the navigation is actually annoying, but using WoW navigation or teeming is good for mental health.

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