How to install Cummins Inline6 Insite 7.62 on VMware

This is a how-to’s of Cummins 7.62 Inline Reader 5 or 6 installation on virtual machine.


If I buy an Inline 5 or 6 adaptor kit, is the insight software is on this CD as well?


The CD with software it’s usually included, and shipped together with a Cummins Inline Reader 5 or 6 data link adapter. Look here:

INLINE 5 Insite 7.62
INLINE 6 Insite 7.62


Which Windows version should I use with a virtual machine?


You can always use a virtual machine to run any version of windows you may need. But I think I heard guys running INSITE 7.6 on windows 10.


How to setup and install Insite 7.6.2 on Windows vitual machine?


Your Virtual Machine is also known as Compatibility mode in Windows. Before you click on the Install .exe for your program, simply right click the Icon, go to properties, then compatibility and click on run this in compatibility mode and select the operating system you want to run it under.

Cummins Insite 7.6.2 like windows XP or 7 but this will not guarantee it will work I’ve had issues with Ca1t3rm not responding to this at all. So the best bet is what experienced users suggested and buying a windows xp or windows 7 (32 bit) machine and dedicating to truck diagnostics only. NOTHING ELSE. It is now a tool that belongs to your truck. If you don’t treat it that way you run the risk of corrupting programs, files, virus’s, Malware, anything and everything that the wild world web will throw at it. You can also install OEM diagnostic programs for Volvo, International, ABS etc… on this machine. I haven’t found an OEM program that Windows 7 (32 bit) won’t run

You can easily build and have built for you really strong machines being these older windows platforms are cheap. I recommend a Panasonic Toughbook just for the durability of taking a beating and it’s handy dandy carrying handle (it makes me feel professional when I’m all covered in dirt in my 3 piece overalls)


The last – another important note you’d better read:

The site about Why did I buy Cummins Insite 7.62 instead of Insite 8.xx?


Hope this helps you all.