Mercedes Benz BE keys vs. BGA Keys


What is the difference between Mercedes BE and BGA benz keys and how can we tell what type is it?



BGA is new style original MB keys that cannot be opened to read inside MCU to get the pass.

BE key is MB key from China or noimmo, that use other MCU that is not NEC but work the same way and you can read/write/erase/get password by infrared (IR).

When you use original MB key that was used before BGA keys you need to open the key,desolder the nec mcu and you can get the pass only if Rom version is 51 or 57 .


How can you tell which is which? by the look of it? 

1. Read it with programmer or open the shell

 2.Easiest way you visually tell that’s its a BGA key is first look for the Triangle panic button. Then look at the IR port. The BGA is half window and says Huf on the bottom. the BE keys have a full window with a clear circle in the middle. Also the way the key inserts are they are flipped. and to change the battery BGA the back pops off and uses 1 battery and BE top slides out and has 2 batteries.
Reference videos:
VVDI MB BGA Tool read BE key via IR
CGDI Prog MB Read by IR China key vs. BE key

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