BMW E-sys Launcher Premium Data Change Crack Download

First of all, I will tell you the sad news that this crack program can not be applied to the latest version of Launcher.


The document was translated from Korean.


We confirmed that it works well in version 2.5.3, so it seems that it will be applicable.

If you do not need to use the latest version of BMW E-Sys, it will be a valid program.

If you use 2.6.2 and delete it and install 2.5.3, it will not work.

I have tested 2.6.2 on my computer and it did not work when I tried to install 2.5.3, and after installing a new version of 2.5.3 on my virtual machine, it worked.


  1. Run the program after downloading it to any folder.
  2. Click on the ‘Restore Launcher’ button at the far left.
  3. Then the popup will pop up as shown below. There is no recovery point for E-Sys Launcher Premium. It seems to be the principle that after storing the point before the change of the car model as a recovery point, it will use the previous recovery point even after changing the car type later and use it without changing the date.


  1. Run all of the steps below.
    a. Change the system date to today + day.
    b. Launch the E-Sys Launcher and select your car model. Keep Launch untouched!
    c. Change the system date to today-3 days old.
    d. On the E-Sys Launcher, click the Launch Now button.
    e. Exit after BMW ENET cable E-Sys is executed.
    f. Returns the system date to today.
    g. Click the OK button.


  1. A message is displayed that the recovery point was created successfully.