How to use UPA USB to Renew Volvo ECM

Question before entering:
I have a 2003 XC90 ECM that I need to clone or renew a used unit.

I have xprog, upa, and galletto

Very new to this, only used galletto so far

Can someone instruct me?


Read eeprom from the original and write to the donor. or exchange eeprom.
if it does not have to be eeprom 5p08 or 95160.
Try to find marked as 5p08 to identify the immo eeprom which is to be read.


xprog and upa usb programmer great read eeprom 5p08 . solder eeprom

Try look under ST chip, the last one … it read and write just fine!


Quick update. Read the original ECM eeprom, loaded on to donor eeprom with UPA USB programmer.
Soldered eeprom to donor ECM. Vehicle started.

Note: If have ECM software faults.
Had to do ECM reload with Volvo VIDA software.
Car is running great now!

Hope it helps!

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