Free VAG R250 Dashboard Programmer for VW Audi

VAG R250 Dashboard Programmer is used to program Siemens/VDO new cryptography system featuring a Micronas microcontroller CDC3217 or CDC3297 and 24c32 or 2432 memory.


Free Download VAG R250 VW Audi Dashboard Programmer Software!Lgky0ZKQ!OZ43R64JGc3DMSwphDjEx0Q7QtD1qZLYiw0YWTm627E

Operating System:

Windows 98/Windows ME/Windows XP.


How to use VAG R250 programmer?

You only need to solder few wires to the board, read the original value and then write the new value with no limitations at all.



This VAG R250 interface can program also the VW Golf 5 and new Audi A3/TT 2007 made after June 2006 featuring Micronas CDC3217 and 2432 memory.

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